100 short cool whatsapp status in english

So, here are the full and all the post list of Attitude Status in English for Whatsapp, Facebook Profiles DPS, and Instagram. Check WhatsApp status quotes in English!!

So, you can use these status images on your FB timeline and Stories. Following posts contains the only status in the English language. It may be quotes in English or captions in English.

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My patience has limits, dont test me!

I am limited edition, you wont find me anywhere

I”m as cool as a cucumber and as hot as lava, I am a whole package.

You love me? Good! You hate? That”s even better.

If you dont know me, dont judge me!

If you think I am bad, know that I am the worst!!

I don”t get consumed in people hating me for I am absorbed in loving people who love me.

There are three things I can”t control about myself; my cuteness, my hotness and my attitude.

Don’t trust anyone easily for fake is becoming the new cool these days.

I have my own rules to enjoy my life, I dont care about your judgments!

My parents must be really pretty I mean look at me!

Let your happiness be the core of your only drive to life.

Dont call me heartless I just learnt how to use my heart LESS.

I dont need your opinion, I will stay who I am.

I have a multifold personality and you will see all of it if you mess with me.

I am not obliged to explain my attitude to anyone because my attitude is a gift from me to me.

You define beauty by outer skin but my attitude goes down to my bones.

Attitude runs thick in my blood so much that I can even donate it.

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Nobody will give you freedom or equality or justice, you have to man up and take it.

Live your life to express not to impress and work for a cause not for applause.

My haters are becoming my fans, I need new haters now!

Here’s your broken nose, it was getting in the middle of my business again!

What did you say, I”m not perfect? Well, neither are you!

Its not my attitude you cant take, its my personality.

My back is not a voicemail for you, so dare enough and say it to my face.

If you had guts, you’d say it to my face.

People take your attitude as your price tag so behave like your worth.

Attitude is everything I have.

Oh wait, let me fix my crown. Yes, now I am all geared up to start my day.

I was born a princess but I have grown a queen now.

My circle is small because I opt for quality not quantity.

Little things like attitude make a huge difference.

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I wasn’t born handsome, I earned it.

When you have zero expectations, you get zero disappointments.They say it never gets easier and I say it never gets better.When I trust you, dont give me reason not to.You are showing an attitude to hurt me but I can kill you with my attitude.I have nurtured my attitude to perfection, it did not get to this point overnight.I am happy on my own in my fantastic little world, I don”t need your appreciation.Love me or hate me, I will rock the world!!


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