The Ultimate List of Eric Carle Activities

today is eric carle’s birthday! In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, he is the author of many well-loved children’s books. In honor of his birthday (and to provide you with an awesome resource!) I’m sharing almost 100 activities to go along with Eric Carle’s books! there are so many great ideas here, so stick around and check out these awesome ideas!

The Ultimate List of Eric Carle Activities

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities Caterpillar & Butterfly Crafts from Teaching Mama

buggy caterpillar necklace & friend

caterpillars stamped on the toes of rubber boots and elf shoes

damson lane caterpillar finger puppets

the very hungry caterpillar printables to share homeschooling

the very hungry pasta beaded caterpillar of mighty motherhood

stamping with the very hungry caterpillar from the second story window

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities Lego Inspired Retelling of The Very Hungry Caterpillar from The Educator’s Spin On It

hungry caterpillar crafts from artsy craft mom

the very hungry caterpillar activities for toddlers from allternativelearning

caterpillar tube and clay from maternity and other adventures

caterpillar to butterfly craft from mom smiles

adventures of adam caterpillar clothespin craft

hungry caterpillar activity for toddlers to teach mommy

caterpillar & butterfly finger game and songs of coffee cups and crayons

from caterpillar to butterfly with powerful maternity clay

buggy & friend

adventures of adam caterpillar clothespin craft

artistic mommy pom pom caterpillars

jdaniel4’s mom’s very hungry caterpillar activities

feeds the activity of the caterpillar teaching mom

creative family fun DIY board game

butterfly crafts with frogs, snails and puppy tails

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caterpillar craft with pom poms and frogs, snails and puppy tails snack

boy mama teacher mama’s very hungry caterpillar piñata

hungry mommy’s caterpillar birthday party at the asylum

Pre-K & Kindergarten Caterpillar Learning Pack from the Delighted Homeschooling Mom

The Very Busy Spider Activities Cutting Practice Spider from Lalymom

spider sandwich of frogs, snails and puppy tails

sticky web of motherhood and other adventures

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fly game of letters to grow book by book

make your own spiders and webs busy teaching preschool

The Very Grouchy Ladybug Activities The Very Grouchy Ladybug Printables from Homeschool Share

ladybug learning printable pack of look! we are learning!

wildflower ramblings ladybug art

torn paper ladybugs from teaching preschool

iowa farmer’s wife grumpy ladybug paper plates

Learning to tell time from mommy’s grumpy ladybug to 2 elegant little divas

Mister Seahorse Activities Window Hanger Craft from The Eyes of a Boy

eric carle inspired boy mama teacher mama’s seahorses

seahorse crafts from i heart crafty things

watercolor seahorse craft from mom to 2 elegant little divas

Mixed Up Chameleon Activities Fine Motor and Math Game from Buggy & Buddy

mixed creatures from local friends

frog in a pocket chameleon light box activity

mixed chameleon art by meri cherry

mixed frog, snail and puppy tail chameleon sensory container

artsy craftsy mom foil chameleon

mixed frog, snail and puppy tail chameleon sensory container

sugar aunts chameleon mixed snack mix

chameleon felt set and buggy & friend

Baby Bear Gross Motor Activities Gross Motor Activities from 3 Dinosaurs

grizzly shadow puppet show from my little library

activities of the brown bear along the good long road

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royal baloo grizzly bear printables

The Tiny Seed Activities Flowers Like Eric Carle from Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

the introductory parts of a carrot seed are orange

toddler approved seed flower craft

little cloud craft I can teach my son

fun with artsy momma cloud dough

felt board for a growing book cloud

puffy paint cloud from mom to 2 elegant little divas

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House for Hermit Crab Activities Playdough House for Hermit Crab from 3 Dinosaurs

hermit crab art from i heart crafty things

house for 3 dinosaur hermit crab printables

hermit crab art from a mommy’s adventure

The Very Quiet Cricket Activity Listening Activity from Play Dr. Mom

calm cricket collage craft from teaching mom

exploring not just cute squeak sounds

I see the jar from the golden shine

chronicle bugs and sounds from the kitchen counter

fantastic fun and learning rubber duck math game

craft rubber duck from a mommy’s adventure

moon picture Eric Carle Inspired Moon Art from I Heart Crafty Things

lunar crafts from inspiration labs

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle Making a Click Beetle from Teaching Mama

sequencing activity from a prepared read

review of the trip to the eric carle museum of 3 dinosaurs

yoga in the garden for children from yoga stories for children

discovering animals from mom’s smiles

what is your favorite animal? from the game Dr. mom

Eric Carle Inspired The Long Good Road Virtual Hunger Drive

eric carle montessori inspired activities from living montessori now

eric carle in fun-a-day preschool


creating collages like eric carle from happy brown house

bambini travel illustrator studio

enchanted homeschool mom storybook artist studio

eric carle inspired crafts for kids from artsy momma

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letters of eric carle from the boy mom teacher mom

eric carles art-art of boy mama teacher mama

red ted art eric carle homemade puzzle

coloring pages for eric carle books from sassy dealz

eric carle style tissue paper art of the tree of imagination

what is your favorite eric carle book?

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