How To Transfer Audible Books To ITunes? Best Guide 2022

According to the Audio Publishers Association, audiobooks help build and improve vital literacy skills such as fluency, language, language acquisition, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills that often improve reading scores.

but how to transfer audible books to itunes? Here in this informative article, we will show you the best ways to transfer Audible books to iTunes for enjoyment step by step.

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how to transfer audible books to itunes?

itunes is the special official participant of audible on mac. therefore, the process of adding audio to itunes is relatively intuitive. In addition, it is possible to download and embed Audible Books on iTunes from the Audible site or the Audible program on Mac directly.

  • step 1. go to the audible website and sign in with your audible account. then find out the audiobook you would like to download
  • step 2. click the download button, a pop-up will prompt you to authorize the computer.
  • step 3. click yes and then enter your account password and email to authorize.
  • step 4. your audiobook will start downloading. when you’re done, you can place it in your itunes library and then launch it in itunes.

Audible Books

how to transfer audible books to itunes on windows pc?

On a windows computer, you need to set up the Audible Download Manager or Audible Program Audiobooks. then import and download audible to itunes. Now, let’s see how to do it.

method 1. use the audiobooks from the audible program

There is an application called Audible Audiobooks for Windows users. you can get it from the microsoft store on your pc. however, this program can download and enjoy audiobooks on apple devices.

Anyway, it can also allow you to transfer Audible books to iTunes. To do this, you can sync Audibles with Apple devices and listen to them through the Book program.

Now let’s go ahead and see how to use these audiobooks from audible app to get audible downloads for itunes.

  • step 1. download and install the index program audiobooks on your own windows computer. then download the audiobooks you want to add to itunes.
  • step 2. start the audible program on your computer.
  • step 3. press library on the side left, and you will understand that all your audiobooks are about the ideal window.
  • step 4. choose the audiobooks you need to go to itunes, and paste the three ellipse icons next to the book.
  • step 5. select import to itunes’ from the dropdown list.
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note: you must activate itunes if this is your first time using this attribute.

  • step 6. tap ok in the popup box, and then enter your itunes account information to sign in. then your itunes will connect with your accounts. and then, you can see that the audible books are successfully imported into your itunes.

method 2. use audible download manager

  • Step 1. Download and install Audible Download Manager on your PC.
  • Step 2. Click the General Settings option. then make sure to choose itunes from the menu after downloading the import documents to.
  • step 3. sign from the bookmarking site. then find the audiobook you would like to download in the library, then click the download button.
  • step 4. a window will appear in the audible download manager asking you to authorize the pc. click ok.
  • step 5. then your audiobooks will be downloaded and added to itunes library.

but sometimes documents may not be deleted correctly in case of some exceptions. if that’s the case, you can try to transfer audible books to itunes manually.

Audible Books to iTunes

how do i connect my audible account to itunes?

To listen to audiobooks on your personal computer, you can play them through iTunes; however, you must allow or authorize your audible accounts to play itunes.

follow the steps below for windows or mac.


  • Go to a library on the audible desktop website and click download along with an audiobook.
  • After the document downloads, click accept on the popup which asks to authorize your pc.
  • enter your audible login information.
  • proceed to the audiobooks section of itunes under books to locate their downloaded names .


  • Go to a library on the audible for desktop website and click download along with an audiobook.
  • Click yes on the popup that asks you to authorize your computer.
  • enter your audible login information.
  • click the blue link that says click here to finish your activation!

Your downloaded audiobook will start playing in the iTunes Audiobooks section, where all your audiobooks will be stored.

how can i import my audible titles manually into itunes?

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How can I import my Audible titles manually into iTunes

  • step 1. set itunes, click < file > add file to library.
  • step 2. navigate to the folder of your downloaded books.

warning: your audible files may be held in both places.

1. windows 7/8/vista – c:userspublicrecordsaudibledownloads

2. windows xp – c:documents and settingsall userslogsaudibledownloads

  • step 3. highlight your audiobooks and click open, and then the files will be uninstalled immediately.
  • step 4. you can discover your audible audiobooks from itunes by pressing the ‘ icon book > ‘my audiobooks’.

import audible books to itunes without account

import audiobooks to audible

Downloaded a lot of Audible documents but unfortunately forgot/lost the accounts? Or do you also receive a lot of files from friends who do not have access to these accounts? what can you do? Due to this fair play drm protection, you need to authorize the drive.

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Actually, it’s not an easy task to bypass drm protection, especially if you don’t own the accounts. luckily i finally discovered drmare audio converter. but unfortunately it is a lossless converter, which can remove drm from audible audiobooks.

can convert any audible book without problems. the conversion speed is faster while keeping the original chapter, 3 ID tags, etc. and you can edit the music files of your choice, etc., as you wish.

Do you want to know how it works? just click the download button immediately. then follow the simple steps below to create it.

Open the drmare audio converter and click the add files button at the bottom left of the main interface. then you can choose your downloaded audible audiobooks to include in the drmare program.

click the format option to launch the structure window. then select a format you prefer as output. In any case, the dare program supports cutting and cutting your audiobooks by chapters, etc.

press the convert button at the bottom right of the drmare program. then you will find the audible audiobooks without drm on your computer. you can locate them via the ‘converted’ button in the main drmare window. after that, you can immediately transfer audible books to itunes and other listening programs.

Audible Books

play audible aa/aax audiobooks on itunes

To do so, you must visit the iTunes audiobook section to locate your books. and double click the imported aa/aax file to start playing. the following are ideas to enhance the listening experience.

1. you can click on the chapters to choose the branch you would like instead of playing at the beginning.

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2. If you want to listen to many audiobooks continuously, it is possible to change the playback style as looping. or right click on the files and select add to playlist to create a new playlist.

3. to fast-forward or fast-rewind, then you can click play management

how do i manually sync audible audiobooks with my apple device?

If you want to closely manage the storage area on your own apple device, manually changing your audiobooks will be perfect. this allows you to decide which audiobooks are played on the device and which are not. For Audible audiobooks which are often large files, this setting helps you listen and carry only the audiobooks you want to listen to.

  1. connect the apple device to a computer using its usb cable.
  2. launch itunes.
  3. click the device icon near the top of the screen .
  4. kindly check handle videos and music.
  5. uncheck sync only checked songs and movies.
  6. click apply.
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Once these settings have been implemented, follow these steps to perform a manual move:

  • on the itunes main screen, click the book icon in the dropdown menu.
  • note: you may want to click the down and up arrows to display the books icon.
  • click library, followed closely by audiobooks.
  • choose the audiobook you want to move by clicking and dragging the cover to the left (click in the audiobook and hold down the left button on your mouse.

dive the cover over the fixture by releasing the stored click on your mouse.

when the movie ends, click the device icon near the top of the screen, followed by the eject icon to the right of the device name)

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frequently asked questions

can i transfer my audible books to another device?

start transferring a title by dragging an audiobook to the device icon on the screen or by tapping the extra menu below an audiobook and clicking add to… when prompted, click ok then enter your information of your audible account. click the activate button to activate your device with audio.

can i transfer audible books to apple books?

click the device icon to the right of the selection menu, at the top left of itunes. All Audiobooks will sync all Audible content on iTunes to your iOS device. selected audiobooks will allow you to choose specific audio content and playlists that you would like to transfer to your device.

how do i transfer my audible books to my new phone?

see instructions below. open the audible app and sign in. go to the library. play titles and then play everything. touch the cover of the audiobook you would like to download. the title will start downloading.

why are my audible books not in my library?

If an audiobook purchase does not appear in your library, the transaction may not have been processed due to a problem with your payment method. There are two ways to determine if your card did not successfully process your audiobook purchase: You did not receive a confirmation email from audible.


audible offers several ways to add audible books to itunes. You can use the Audible Manager program to transfer files directly from your computer or the Audible iOS app to download and sync your audiobooks wirelessly.

Whatever method you choose, you’ll need to make sure your audible account is authorized to play content on your itunes account. once you’ve done that, transferring your audiobooks is a simple process.

thanks for reading!

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