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ICU is a special department of a hospital or health care facility that provides critical care medicine. also known as intensive care unit, intensive treatment unit, or intensive care unit.

Patients in intensive care units have serious illnesses or injuries that require constant care, close monitoring by life support teams, and medications to ensure regular bodily functions. critically ill patients are treated by specially trained doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists.

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In the icu book, the author aims to provide a practical, step-by-step guide that will help newly graduated nurses and nursing students deliver optimal patient care. will assist inexperienced nurses in systematic patient assessment, individualized care planning, effective implementation of therapeutic modalities, effective collaboration, and evaluation of nursing actions. we have provided you with the best uci book of 2022.

reviews of the best icu book for nurses

1. Incredibly Easy Intensive Care Nursing (Incredibly Easy Series)

Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy

With Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, the 4th edition successfully handles the complexities of critical care nursing. An award-winning book in the Incredibly Easy series with fun humor and illustrations, this text offers crucial information on assessments, diagnostics, imaging, monitoring, pre, and post-operative care, and more with advice that is practical, expert, and down-to-earth. As a supplemental textbook and an indispensable on-the-spot clinical reference, it is a must-have for classes and NCLEX preparation.

2. Introduction to Critical Care Nursing – 7th Edition

Introduction to Critical Care Nursing

A summary of the key principles, procedures, and technology of critical care nursing that is clear, concise, and easy to understand! Providing safe, effective, patient-centered care in a variety of critical care settings is made easier by Introduction to Critical Care Nursing, 7th Edition. Case studies that are based on evidence and incorporate the latest advances in critical care are available. In addition to providing quick-reference nursing care plans, chapters on nursing management group disorders by body systems. The text was written for one-semester courses to help your students develop clinical reasoning skills and be successful in today’s highly complex critical care environment.

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3. Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach – 11th Edition

Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach

Providing a holistic approach to the complexities of critical care nursing, Morton’s classic text incorporates the latest research in health care and nursing education while also providing clear, concise writing; excellent photographs and illustrations; and a holistic view of critical care nursing. Every chapter promotes critical thinking and clinical decision-making, while emphasizing the patient as the main focus of the health care team’s efforts by presenting theory and principles within the context of practical application.

4. amazingly visual hemodynamic monitoring (amazingly easy! series®)

Hemodynamic Monitoring Made Incredibly Visual (Incredibly Easy! Series®)

You can gain a solid understanding of hemodynamic nursing skills with Hemodynamic Monitoring Made Incredibly Visual!Visual!Visual! (fourth edition) .

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This concise and entertaining guide explains hemodynamics directly, using colorful illustrations to illustrate concepts and processes. This essential reference will help all nursing students, new nurses, and returning critical care nurses understand the structures and functions of the pulmonary and cardiac systems and the vital skills of hemodynamics.

5. critical care nursing: diagnosis and management

Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management

Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management, 8th Edition will help you master the special issues and processes involved in critical care nursing. This market-leading work provides a solid foundation in the realities and problems of today’s critical care unit for both nursing students and professional nurses. This revised version includes an additional discussion of leadership, post-ICU outcomes, and highly contagious illnesses. More than a dozen new learning tools and case studies help you improve critical thinking skills while preparing you for success in high-acuity, progressive and critical care environments.

6. Ridiculously Simple Intensive Care and Hospital Medicine – 1st Edition

Critical Care and Hospitalist Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple

From medical students to residents to fellows to practicing intensivists, hospitalists, internists, and specialists, Critical Care and Hospitalist Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple provides both introductory and comprehensive information. With straightforward English for rapid assimilation and a focus on critical care facts and ways to keep critically ill patients alive and thriving. Basic Airway Management, Acute Respiratory Failure, Mechanics of Respirator Acute Care and Acute Decompensated Heart Failure, Heart Attack, are written in the same easy-to-read, humorous tone as other Made Ridiculously Simple books.

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7. aacn fundamentals of critical care nursing, fourth edition 4th edition

AACN Essentials of Critical Care Nursing, Fourth Edition

This acclaimed text is approved by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), setting the standard for critical care training. It follows a step-by-step organization that starts with the basics and progresses logically to advanced critical care nursing topics that recognizes the learner’s need to assimilate foundational knowledge before attempting to master more complex concepts.

an essential resource for point-of-care physicians and those preparing for ccrn certification in critical care nursing, the aacn critical care nursing essentials combine helpful tables with essential content cases.

8. barron’s ccrn exam (barron’s exam prep) – 1st edition


Certification in Critical Care Nursing is a big deal. But first, you must pass the CCRN exam. To pass the adult critical care nursing certification exam, test takers must understand the main principles in Barron’s CCRN Exam Guide. This book has: A 25-question pre-test to help choose study areas

professional care and ethical practice are just some of the topics covered in detail.

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2 complete ccrn sample tests, each with 150 multiple choice questions and answers 650 questions in total, for review and study

ccrns who have passed the test say that self-assessment with practice questions like these is a great method. don’t risk your certification; Let the barron ccrn® exam help you advance your career.

9. Priorities in Critical Care Nursing – 7th Edition

Priorities in Critical Care Nursing

Priorities in Critical Care Nursing, 7th Edition keeps you informed on all critical care topics. This evidence-based text is ideal for both practicing nurses and nursing students. This book uses the latest research to help you prioritize patient care. Medication, patient safety, patient education, nursing diagnosis, collaborative management, and more are covered to prepare you for success in critical care nursing. Updated case studies, QSEN call-out boxes throughout the text, a digital glossary, and improved chapter summaries.

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10. Emergency Care and Transport of the Sick and Injured – 11th Edition

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured (Book & Navigate 2 Essentials Access)

With the Eleventh Edition, students and instructors will have an accurate and insightful interpretation of medical science as it relates to prehospital medicine today.

ems in the real world

The Eleventh Edition gives students a real-world context for applying the knowledge gained in the chapter, clarifies how the information is used to care for patients in the field, and encourages critical thinking and conversation.


a life base

The following edition assumes that students need a solid foundation in the essentials, followed by reinforcement. This edition covers anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and medical terminology. this helps solidify underlying knowledge and provides perspective when studying unique circumstances.

patient assessment is provided in a single comprehensive chapter to ensure students understand it as a single, integrated procedure. Clinical chapters reinforce the basics of patient evaluation by highlighting the specifics of the disease or injury. the code is located on the inside back of the cover.


Are you ready to choose your best critical care book for nurses? Here all the books are selected by the experts. so we can say with confidence that after investing, you will not be disappointed. so without wasting time, easily select the one you like the most and tell us which one you like best.

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