9 Best Black & White Books To Captivate Your Baby&039s Attention

when i had my baby shower for riley, an experienced mom friend (and reading specialist) gave me a set of black and white books. I was immediately puzzled but intrigued by them. I had never seen books like this before and they immediately caught my attention.

Being me, I researched them right away and learned how fantastic these high contrast black and white books are for newborns and toddlers, so much so that I ended up ordering more.

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and guess what? she loved these. she was fascinated with them and, when she was old enough, she flipped through them all the time by herself.

So while you’re working on building your baby’s library, in addition to all the classics, be sure to check out this post for the best black and white newborn and baby books to add to your collection. there are so many benefits to your baby with these high contrast books!

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or you can watch this helpful video:

black and white books for newborns & babies

there are a ton of them on amazon that get overwhelming, so I hope to save you the trouble of searching and sharing our favorites and the ones I think are the highlights.

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I have 3 tips to use these black glasses & white papers:

  1. stay on the pages, especially when they’re young! she wouldn’t really turn the page until she felt riley was losing interest in her. even if there were words (some below have no words), I thought it’s not like she’s looking forward to the “story” right now. so I took my time turning the pages so she could really focus on the black and white illustrations that sometimes downright captivated her. On a related note, when the books were wordless, she would discuss and provide my own commentary and use it to follow practice while we lingered.
  2. Use them during tummy time: Of all the ways I’ve tried to be successful with tummy time, these were probably the most effective most often in the early days . i would prop them around her or hold them.
  3. remember babies under 3 months can’t focus on objects more than 8-10 inches from their face – keep that in mind when you put the books down for them while reading or when you set them up for them.

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books that came out after my daughter was a baby that look great!

I don’t have any real experience with my daughter to give them to her as they are newer books (and she’s too old for this type) but, to me, they look like books to review! these also focus on high contrast but some of them have other colors.

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I hope this has been helpful in finding the best black and white books to help your newborn and baby’s development. They really are great additions to your child’s library and make great gifts for any new mom and baby!

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