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1) the rise of the filmmaker: how to turn your independent cinema into a profitable business

Today it is more difficult than ever for independent filmmakers to make money from their films. From predatory movie distributors ripping them off to peddling movie aggregators taking advantage of them, the odds are stacked against the independent filmmaker. the old distribution model for making money from independent film is broken and a change is needed. the future of independent cinema is the entrepreneurial filmmaker or the entrepreneurial filmmaker.

In Rise of the Filmtrepreneur, author and filmmaker Alex Ferrari explains how to make money with independent film projects and shows filmmakers how to turn their independent films into profitable businesses. This isn’t all theory, Alex uses multiple real-world case studies to illustrate every part of his method. This book shows you the step-by-step path to turning his movie passion into a profitable career. If you are making a feature film, a series or any type of video content, the filmtrepreneur method will prepare you for success. (free audiobook versions here)

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2) Indie Film Production: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking

independent film production explains the simple, basic and clear role of the independent film producer. Raising funds to make your dream project, producing award-winning movies on a low budget, putting big-name actors in your independent film – it’s all doable, and this book walks you through the entire process of becoming a successful producer with tips. Additional tips on how to maneuver effortlessly through the sphere of social media marketing and fundraising tactics. One of the best film production books I have ever read. see also: the production of suzanne lyon’s film: podcast interview

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3) The Reel Truth: Everything You Didn’t Know You Need to Know About Making an Independent Film

The Reel Truth details the pitfalls, pitfalls, and obstacles that aspiring filmmakers face. Reed Martin interviewed more than a hundred luminaries from the independent film world to discuss the near misses that nearly derailed their first and second films and identify the dire straits that could have cut short their careers. Other books may tell you the best way to make your independent movie or short film online, but no other book describes so candidly how to spot and avoid problems and pitfalls such as equipment issues, shooting day gaffes, and dozens of other common missteps. including the top fifty mistakes every filmmaker makes. (free audiobook versions here)

4) So You Want to Be a Producer

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Few jobs in Hollywood are as shrouded in mystery as the role of producer. what does film making entail, how do you get started and what the heck do you actually do? in so you want to be a producer lawrence turman, producer of more than forty films, including the graduate, the wild river, short circuit and american history x, and fellow chairman of the famous peter stark production program at the university of southern california, answers these questions and many more. (free audiobook versions here)

5) produce your own damn lloyd kaufman


When it comes to producing, no one speaks with more authority than Lloyd Kaufman, founder of the oldest independent film studio, Troma Entertainment. he reveals the best ways to find investors, scout locations, hire a film crew and cast talent, navigate legal issues, and stay within your budget. one of the most entertaining film production books out there.

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6) Independent Film Producing: How to Produce a Low-Budget Feature Film

The number of independent films produced each year has almost doubled in the last decade, but only a fraction will ever be successful. If, like many filmmakers, you have no industry connections, little or no experience, and are on a low or very low budget, this outside guide will teach you what you need to know to produce a high-quality, standout film. The Right Hands Written by an entertainment lawyer and an experienced director and producer, this handbook covers all the most essential business, legal, and practical aspects of independent film production. One of the best film production books on the market. (free audiobook versions here)

7) the producer’s business manual: the roadmap for the balanced filmmaker

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Using the Producer’s Business Manual as a guide to film production, you’ll learn how to create the relationships that the most successful producers have with the various players in the film industry. This guide provides an overview of how producers run their relationships. with national and foreign studios, agencies, lawyers, talents, completion guarantors, banks and private investors. You will also become familiar with the team roles required to operate these businesses and learn how to link and lead them. For those outside the United States, information on how to produce successful movies without government funding is also included. (free audiobook versions here)

8) Producing for Profit: A Practical Guide to Making Independent and Studio Films

In Producing For Profit: A Practical Guide To Making Independent And Studio Films, Andrew Stevens provides real-world examples and his own proven techniques for achieving success that can turn passion into Profits. Much more than just theory, the book outlines practical applications that filmmakers of all levels can use to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Readers will learn how to develop commercial scripts and how to negotiate, finance, broadcast, produce, sell, distribute, and market a film that will profit. (free audiobook versions here)

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9) michael polish’s independent film statement

less than a decade since they began working in film, mark and michael polish have established themselves as award-winning and critically acclaimed independent filmmakers. his innovative approach to art direction, use of digital photography, and ability to attract stellar talent to his modest-budget films were born out of necessity; now these aesthetics have become admired trademarks of his work. see also: michael polish podcast interview

10) the complete film production manual

This book is intended for film and television professionals as well as students. Whether you’re a line producer, production manager, production supervisor, assistant director, or production coordinator, the book has everything you’ll need (including all forms, contracts, releases, and checklists) to set up and run a production, from finding from a production office to delivering delivery items. Even if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be happy to find everything you need in one place. If you’re not working in film production yet, but think you’d like to, read the book and then decide. one of the best film production books out there.

11) Producer to Producer: A Step-By-Step Guide to Low Budgets Independent Film Production

Producer to Producer by Maureen Ryan is a clear, concise, and comprehensive guide to independent film production, packed with excellent practical advice for both newcomers and seasoned producers. I have produced ten independent feature films and have often been asked to recommend a book to show people what I do. this book will now be my immediate first choice. many how-to guides to producing get many more details wrong than they are right. producer to producer is an accurate guide to the current independent production process that I have seen to date. (free audiobook versions here)

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