Top 5 YouTube Channels for Children&039s Read-Aloud Books

My kids and I loved trips to the library where they could browse the shelves and bring home our book bin full of new titles to enjoy. Despite the incredible response from our library network, covid and the damage to the law have made bringing new stories home to read a little more challenging.

As a former reading teacher, I cannot stress enough how important it is to continue to enjoy reading books aloud with your children. When children learn to read, the biggest mistake parents make is thinking that they no longer need to enjoy stories together. please keep reading with your children! there is no reason to stop, even as teenagers! sharing a book is an amazing way to bond. Not only is it a keepsake you’ll both cherish, but it can also be a fun way to relive your own childhood through the magic of storytelling.

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Top 5 YouTube Channels for ChildrenBut how do you get a hold of new stories when it’s harder than ever to use your local library? Easy!

Check out this list of our top 5 youtube channels for reading children’s books aloud! you and your kids can still pick up new books to read for free without the hassle of waiting, picking up, masks, or hand sanitizer. (You can also check out this guide to the downtown library that highlights their online resources!)

5. happy grown

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This channel’s strengths are its well-organized playlists, making it easy to find stories you’ll love. From themes and holidays to favorites and classic characters, they have over 100 books to choose from and still adding more! the reader is easy to listen to and there are so many great books to choose from you won’t want to miss this channel.

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4. harpist children

The good thing about this channel is that the books are read by the author or illustrator of the book! it’s great for kids to see authors and illustrators as real people and hear some feedback about the book they helped create. the sound quality isn’t always amazing, as the recording took place in their homes during the covid lockdowns, but it’s still enjoyed by all, especially when the authors read it in their silly voices!

3. pv storytime

This channel is one of my favorites! It’s not very well organized, but they have high quality stories. The best part is that all the stories are read by a second grader who is truly amazing at reading aloud! I could listen to her sweet voice all day. Listening to another child read with fluency and expression is very beneficial for your young readers, especially. You can even inspire them to make their own video of the story to share with grandparents or friends. what a fun and meaningful way to practice reading skills!

2. online story

Online history is another you won’t want to miss. the videos are very well done and full of quality books read by celebrities. I especially love that each famous reader explains why he chose the book he read. While your child may not recognize every reader (like Oprah Winfrey, Betty White, or James Earl Jones), everyone will enjoy the incredible talent these icons bring to reading aloud!

1. brilliant storytime

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This is my main read-aloud channel for several reasons. playlists are well organized with quality books added weekly. They also have some unique categories that include bilingual books and books read by the author or illustrator. With the exception of videos tagged as stories, this is the only channel that highlights words as they are read aloud. this is invaluable for children with dyslexia or who are still learning to read. you will surely find many stories to enjoy on this channel!

While these online books are great for children to use independently, remember to take the time to experience the stories together as well. There’s no app for your lap, so cuddle up and enjoy books together as often as possible!

do you have a favorite youtube channel for reading children’s books aloud? share in the comments or on our facebook page!

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