The 7 Best Books to Learn Spanish 【2022】

Books are a great way to learn a language, but what are the best books to learn Spanish?

There are many ways to learn Spanish, face-to-face classes at a language school, live online classes, mobile applications, distance online courses, etc.

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Books are another invaluable resource!

If you find the right books, they can provide all the grammar theory you’ll need, as well as give you opportunities to practice what you’re learning.

best books to learn spanish

In this age of technological advances, many of us are programmed to choose an app or an online course when we decide to start learning a language.

Books may be a traditional way of learning Spanish, but that doesn’t mean they should be discarded, on the contrary!

Books are one of the best ways to learn a language and there are many different types of books to provide a complete language learning experience.

Best Books to Learn Spanish

how to choose the best books to learn Spanish

There are an amazing number of books to learn Spanish at home to choose from!

so how do you choose the right book?

Different students will have different specific preferences depending on what and how they wish to learn, which is why we have compiled a helpful list of The 7 Best Books for Learning Spanish.

every learning book on this list is top notch!

You can trust any of these books to help you learn Spanish in a clear and complete way.

Here are our recommendations of the 7 best books in Spanish to learn Spanish, let’s get started!

1. the magic key of madrigal to spanish

the best complete textbook in Spanish for self-study

This book was originally published in 1953!

It is a gem of a book that has helped so many Spanish learners over the years.

The author is language teacher Margarita Madrigal, who was born in Costa Rica in 1912 and died in 1983 after writing 25 extremely popular books covering seven languages.

the magic key to madrigal spanish is one of the best and most popular books to learn spanish on amazon.

the rating is consistently five stars. andy warhol even illustrated the cover!

Margarita Madrigal focused her energy on creating a book that made learning Spanish fun with an emphasis on learning a practical and usable language.

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verb conjugations are introduced slowly and madrigal opted to introduce the past tense first instead of the present tense as is typical in most Spanish textbooks.

a lot of emphasis is placed on finding common ground between Spanish and English.

The book shows how many words in Spanish are very similar in English and gives the learner confidence by showing them how much they know before they even start!

the magic key to madrigal spanish is one of the best books to learn spanish, you can find it here on amazon.

2. easy spanish step by step

the best Spanish exercise book with easy-to-follow grammar explanations

easy spanish step by step is another very popular best selling spanish learning book with thousands of 5 star reviews on amazon.

The author is Barbara Bregstein, a Spanish teacher and translator from New York.

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This is a Spanish grammar book and it covers all the important areas, but this book is very successful in making the grammar easily digestible.

Bregstein’s teaching style uses a “building block” approach to language learning whereby the student progresses naturally through grammar, verbs, and vocabulary.

However, the best part of this book is the opportunity it gives the reader to practice what they have been learning.

Each section has written exercises to test your knowledge, along with engaging reading comprehension exercises to help you build vocabulary and further solidify your knowledge of grammar.

This is a very effective Spanish textbook for self-study.

Easy Spanish Step by Step is the best book to learn Spanish if you like a structured approach to learning.

The book proceeds in a logical sequence and develops the student’s skills in a very organized and methodical way.

Complicated grammatical theory is broken down into tasty morsels and the student has plenty of opportunities to see if they have understood!

order your copy of this fantastic exercise book in Spanish on amazon.

3. easy spanish phrasebook

the best book of useful phrases in Spanish

dr. Pablo García Loaeza did a great job compiling this wonderful collection of more than 700 useful phrases for every day.

It is one of the best-selling Spanish-English phrasebooks on Amazon and has very few reviews below 5 stars.

Phrasebooks like this aren’t just for tourists looking to get by with a few friendly words at the bar or restaurant!

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They are also useful resources to get a better idea of ​​how Spanish speakers really speak.

Spanish learners of any level can read a book like Pablo Garcia Loaeza’s Easy Spanish Phrasebook and see for themselves how typical sentences are constructed.

Easy Spanish Phrasebook is a small-sized book that was clearly built with travel in mind.

works great as a handy reference book, to carry around like you would your dictionary and flip through regularly.

There is also a helpful pronunciation guide to make sure you know how to pronounce the phrases.

Don’t underestimate the value of phrasebooks like this one! Very useful tools for students of any level!

Get this handy Spanish phrasebook on Amazon.

more best books to learn Spanish…

4. practice makes perfect: basic spanish

best book to learn spanish for beginning students

Dorothy Richmond has written five books in this ‘practice makes perfect’ series and they have helped countless students get up and running with their Spanish.

This is definitely one of the best books to learn Spanish for beginners!

and another very effective Spanish textbook for self-study.

Topics within the practice make perfect: Basic Spanish is short and sweet, ensuring that the new learner doesn’t get bogged down in a quagmire of complex grammar.

richmond has clearly carefully planned each of their books to welcome beginning students and ease them into the early stages of learning Spanish.

Students appreciate the uncluttered layout of the book and the interactivity its practice exercises provide.

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The content is excellently prepared and presented so that the student enjoys a complete description of all the key areas of Spanish for beginners without feeling overwhelmed.

Find this great book for beginning Spanish learners on Amazon.

5. short stories in spanish for beginners

best storybook for beginners in spanish

This book contains a wonderful selection of engaging Spanish stories for beginners that are designed to be understood by students who have only been learning Spanish for a short period of time.

The topic is realistic and focuses on using basic vocabulary and sentence structures.

There are instructions at the beginning of the book on how the reader should read each chapter to get the most out of the experience and this is important.

We recommend that you try to read each chapter fluently, in order to understand the general meaning rather than translating each word.

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each chapter is accompanied by a quiz to see what the reader has managed to understand and you will be surprised how much you understand.

This book to learn Spanish is cleverly geared towards building student confidence by distracting them from the learning process and helping them immerse themselves in the Spanish text.

This storybook in Spanish is available here on amazon.

6. barron’s 501 verbs in spanish

best spanish textbook to learn spanish verbs and verb conjugations

Barron’s 501 Spanish Verbs is a useful collection of the most useful Spanish verbs with all their different conjugations.

verbs are presented in alphabetical order, with one verb, its conjugations and usage examples, per page.

There are also lists of idioms, antonyms and synonyms, and concise summaries for easy reference.

This is recommended as one of the best books available to learn Spanish and the textbook you need if you want to learn Spanish verbs.

Barron’s 501 Spanish Verbs has been a trusted resource for learning Spanish for many years and has thousands of rave reviews on Amazon.

It’s now in its ninth edition and weighs in at a whopping 704 pages!

There is now also additional downloadable audio content available which gives the learner the opportunity to apply their knowledge of Spanish grammar in a variety of situations.

exercises include sentence completion and listening comprehension.

buy this textbook in spanish here on amazon.

7. learn spanish with paul noble for beginners

best audiobook to learn spanish

Paul Noble has created several popular audiobooks for learning Spanish and this is a collection of his three books for beginners.

In this collection, you enjoy over thirteen hours of guided audio learning and it is one of the most popular audiobooks on amazon with 5 stars.

This is definitely a fun way to learn Spanish. there are no grammar tests, exercises or quizzes.

There is a downloadable reference booklet, but the idea is to sit back, relax and listen to this audiobook to learn Spanish.

Paul Noble’s approach to teaching is calm and encouraging.

He will teach you how to construct useful sentences and help you build your vocabulary repertoire through repetition and immersion in practical everyday scenarios.

learn spanish with paul noble for beginners is available here on amazon.

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