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Are new book prices keeping your shelves thin? Satisfying your reading habit doesn’t always mean paying full price, making the agonizing choice between two equally amazing selections, or selling your soul to Amazon.

There are many alternatives that allow you to purchase physical books, delivered right to your door for a fraction of the price of new books. just be prepared to quickly grow your reading backlog.

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If you love supporting small businesses and independent sellers, learn how to become a smart etsy shopper.

1. best books in the world

better world books doesn’t just sell used books. The company uses the proceeds to help make the world a better place through literacy programs and donated books. For every book sold, another book is donated to libraries and literacy programs. While the site sells new books, you’ll find an endless selection of used books, often at 50% off or more.

Save even more by visiting the deals bin, where you’ll get bigger discounts for buying more books. buy four or more for an extra 15% off or really start filling your library with 10 or more books for an extra 30% off. Plus, there’s always free standard shipping (even internationally!) on everything at Better World Books with no minimum purchase. there’s even a rewards program to help you save.

2. second hand books

thrift books offers a wide variety of used and new books, and is one of the most popular places to buy used books online if you’re looking for rare, collectible, and out-of-print verified selections. these are often signed copies and first editions. Shop the deals section to save more based on how many you buy. Get an extra 5% just for buying one item from this section and get up to 20% off eight or more items. You can also buy used video games, movies, and music.

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If you frequently buy used books, sign up for readrewards to earn points on purchases, get special discounts, enjoy free shipping periods and bonus points on your birthday. You’ll earn even more bonuses when you spend $75 or more each year. everyone gets free shipping when they spend $15 or more.

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3. abebooks

If you want to buy and sell used books, abebooks is one of the best online used bookstores. what really sets the site apart are the collections. These are sets of related items such as horror, rare editions of plays, adult humor comics and much more. If you’re looking for something different to read, start by exploring various collections.

You’ll find collectibles, discontinued items, best sellers, and just about any type of used book you could want, including comics and textbooks. the site also sells art and collectible magazines, posters, and sheet music. save even more by checking out monthly deals with up to 40% off. you are free to become a seller or simply compare prices with other independent sellers. each seller sets their own shipping rates.

4. second sale

secondsale buys millions of books a year and offers them at deep discounts. most books are just $3.78, with sale books starting at $2.99. Easily find what you’re looking for through categories, popular authors, and popular searches. you can even find some textbooks on the site. is one of the best places to buy used books online at cheaper prices.

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If you spend $10, you get free shipping and if you receive a book that doesn’t meet your standards, you can return it for free within 30 days. If you’re looking to sell your own used books to make money (to buy more books!), try the sister site Sell Your Book, which offers free shipping to their warehouse.

5. half price books

As the name suggests, Half Price Books sells used books for half price, sometimes even less. however, this is not just an online bookstore. It’s a physical store that started in 1972 in Dallas, TX and now has 120 locations in the US. uu. You’ll find used books, music, movies, collectibles, puzzles, and more. It really feels like walking into a neighborhood bookstore.

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If you’re looking for extra low prices, start with super buys under $2. shipping rates start at $3.99 for books, movies, and music. If you’re not sure what to read next, try the reading recommendations to find something new, at least for you. For anyone who lives near a store, it’s worth a visit and see what you can find.

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6. powell

Started in Portland, OR in 1971, Powell’s is still going strong today. While not always the cheapest prices, you’ll find books on almost any subject in stock at any time. For a lot of great used books at a lower price, shop the $10 and under section. You can also find your next big adventure or story by checking out the latest staff picks.

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Whether you live in the Oregon area or not, you can sell your books at Powell’s. books must be in good condition to be accepted, of course. All orders are just $3.99 for standard shipping or free shipping on orders over $50. Check back regularly for various deals throughout the year to stock up on great new titles.

7. book browser

Tired of hopping from site to site to buy used books online? just use the book browser. is a comprehensive book search engine that searches over 100,000 booksellers around the world. it’s best to search by isbn if possible, but you can also search by author or title. you can filter your search based on condition, currency, price range, destination, and more.

do you prefer electronic books? Stock your virtual bookshelves for free with these free eBook sites. You can also save a little money on new books or other items by using price comparison websites.

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