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Jerry Pournelle (born 1933 – died 2017) was an American journalist, essayist, and science fiction author. He was a regular contributor to the popular computer magazine in the 1970s, ’80s, and early ’90s. In 2011, Pournelle joined expert John C. dvorak, political cartoonist ted rall, journalist gina smith and other reporters from to start an independent tech and political news site anewdomain.

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The author served as President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 1973 and served as Director of Anewdomain Media until his death. He is credited as the first writer to write a published novel using a word processor on a PC in 1977.

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pournelle was born in shreveport, northwestern louisiana. He served in the US Army during the Korean War. after the war, he joined the university of washington where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1955 and a master’s degree in 1958. he graduated with a doctorate. in political science in 1964.

From the beginning, pournelle’s work has involved military themes. Some of her books focus on a fictional mercenary force known as Falkenberg’s Legion. There is a great similarity between the Falkenberg Legion stories of Pournelle and the Childer cycle stories of Gordon R. dickson and the starship troopers, but pournelle’s work takes fewer technological leaps than either.

pournelle was a close friend of h. Beam Piper in such a way that Piper gave him the rights to produce the stories set in Piper’s earth-human future history. the author also worked for years on a sequel to space viking, but appears to have abandoned the project in the early 1990s; however, john f. car intends to complete and publish it in 2018.

In 2013, it was reported that Goddard Film Group had acquired the rights to the book adaptation Janissaries de Pournelle. the imdb website stated that the film was in development and that husband and team judith & Garfield Reeves had written the script.

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pournelle began writing non-science fiction works under the pseudonym in 1965. his first science fiction works were published as wade curtis in analogy and other magazines. Some of Pournelle’s works were also published under the name J.E. Pouring in the mid-1970s, Pournelle collaborated with Larry Niven and even collaborated on novels with Steven Barnes, Roland J. green and michael f. flynn.

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In 1964, Pournelle won a bronze medal from the American Security Council. In 1973, the author won John W. Campbell for Best New Writer and won a Prometheus Award in 1992 for his novel Fallen Angels. The Fallen Angels (the Japanese translated version) won the Seuin Award for Best Foreign Book.


In many different ways, the best science fiction is based on human history, and the Janissaries is one of the best. The story begins with Captain Rick Galloway, the man in charge of a group of mercenaries leading his team against a larger Cuban unit in a tropical African country.

The situation is dire, and Rick and his team know their destiny is to die on duty or be captured and then executed. Officials from his sponsors, the Central Intelligence Agency, have withdrawn all support for this operation, so Rick’s team cannot expect assistance in this operation.

Out of nowhere, the spaceship lands and its occupants give them a simple choice: stay on earth and die, or be transported to another planet to engage in battle and have a chance at life. apparently there is a complex interplanetary organization that allows earthlings to be contacted if they were shortly dead anyway. Taking advantage of the only chance of survival they have, Rick agrees to be transported to a planet that is only in the technological state of the famous Roman Empire.

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the planet where rick’s team is located goes through a series of multiplex cycles over a hundred years to a point where it heats up dramatically so that a very valuable narcotic can be grown, which is what gives him This interstellar group is very interested. His best hope is that Rick and his team can learn how to grow the drug for interstellar business.

It turns out that thousands of humans have been taken off the earth during the cycles where the drug can be grown for thousands of years and so some of the warring and functioning governments are a conglomerate of Scottish clans and the Roman empire. As a result, the narrative is also a lesson in the history of the earth: storage units from the Roman Empire even contain parchments written by the real Roman Caesars. on the other hand, the galloway is trying to set the rules so that the societies that exist on the planet can develop. simple things like brushing and other simple things of human hygiene, rudimentary health, education are all unknown on earth. therefore, the galloway must do this in the face of almost constant battles between different factions.

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jenissaries is a brilliant and well-written narrative. the author makes use of an alien race known as the shlanuksis. even though the alien group is technologically more advanced than the people of earth and is also part of an interstellar confederation. The author makes use of his creative story-writing techniques to explain to readers why aliens can never recruit soldiers from one of the Confederate planets.

king david’s spaceship

In the era of John Christian Falkenberg, humanity’s exploration of space resulted in the total technological collapse of the galaxy. Since the fall, King David’s followers have recovered a technology from the early industrial age, but another planet has developed faster and the navy has discovered them. If David’s followers can never spend the rest of their time in satrapy, they must prove to the world that they can enter space unassisted. Although they have just discovered the steam engine, the king will have the spaceship from him.

a spaceship for the king was the title of the original version in the analog magazine. the novel features fascinating characters and an enchanting setting, on the one hand, the strongest juxtaposition of this story is the comparison between the technological levels of two fallen civilizations.

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