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Ready to reread your old favorites in large print? thriftbooks has thousands of titles, old and new, available in large print for your convenience.

As a child, were you an avid reader but lost interest when the commitments of everyday life began to consume your time and energy? Or have you never liked reading so much, but you know that it would be good for you to read a little more and learn things you never knew? maybe you’ve had some old favorites on your mind lately and would like to read them while you’re on vacation.

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Regardless, thriftbooks has a wide selection of large print books for your perusal. we have tons of new releases and hundreds of old classics. if you want to expand your horizons, we are here for you.

why read with second hand books?

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Reading is an essential and powerful exercise. it can open your mind to new worlds, change the way you see people, and expand your understanding of the universe. People who read regularly are better writers, better thinkers, and more educated conversationalists.

On top of that, reading is fun! You can see places you’ve never been before, like the wild moors of England and the cold farm fields of Russia. You can go back in time with the historical novels of Jane Austen and Kathryn Stockett or leap through time with the science fiction of Margaret Atwood or Suzanne Collins. or you can choose to dive into the texts to learn about using computers and desktop publishing.

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you can take a trip to world war ii in the netherlands and learn how two sisters helped save hundreds of jews before they were captured and taken to auschwitz. or enjoy a study of the five love languages ​​and how you can best show love to your spouse or other family members by speaking their language.

There are thousands of books available on thriftbooks, and each one was written by someone who believes in the power of words to change people’s lives. If you’ve been looking for a new adventure or guidance on how to live your future, you’re sure to find help in our wide selection.

why choose our large print books?

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Whatever genre you’re into, you’ll find that thriftbooks is packed with large print options for you. Whether your eyesight is deteriorating or you just need something easier to delve into and digest with your busy schedule, large print books make it easy to engage in the story without having to sit down and focus too much.

Also, the options at thriftbooks are cheap. you can find hundreds of many large print titles with new and used versions. Our cheapest books are under five dollars, but we also have great collectible editions that will enhance your library for just a few dollars more. you can build your fancy library or send tons of books with your kids and grandkids to read as they grow up.

As a bonus, you can join our readrewards loyalty program, which allows you to earn points for every dollar spent, earn free books, and access surprise perks only members know about. thriftbooks is truly on a mission to make people read better and learn more. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get books from us, and we have hundreds of options for most titles to help you narrow down what you’re looking for. our goal is to provide veteran readers and those just starting out with a way to earn more from their reading.

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when you buy our large print books, you’ll find all new adventures waiting at your fingertips, easy and accessible to you, no matter where you are. If you’re interested in trying out our books, take a look and jump in today!

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