Motivational Books – Top 14 Best Sellers [Updated 2022]

the 14 best motivational books to read [best sellers]

We have a selection of the best motivational books that can revolutionize your life. You can read, learn, apply, and teach the material in these books to anyone who needs help. Below is the list of best selling books on motivation –

  1. Think and Grow Rich (get this book)
  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (get this book)
  3. man’s search for meaning (get this book)
  4. the alchemist (get this book)
  5. The Power of Positive Thinking(Get this book)
  6. You’re a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Amazing Life(get this book )
  7. grit: the power of passion and perseverance (get this book )
  8. the subtle art of Give a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living the Good Life (get this book)
  9. tuesdays with morrie: an old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lesson (get this book)
  10. you can heal your life (get this book)
  11. how to win friends and influence others people (get this book)
  12. the compound effect – boost your income, your life, your success ( get this book )
  13. The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results (get this book)
  14. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (get this book)

Let’s talk about each of the motivational books in detail along with their key points and reviews.

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Motivational Books

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#1 – think and grow rich

by napoleon hill

Most people think this is a book about how to make money. but if you give it a read, you will know how important it is to read the book. This motivational book has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. It’s time for you to pick up the book and make your life count.

book review

“Think and Grow Rich” is not a book to be taken lightly. If you take all the principles seriously, you are guaranteed to have an amazing life. Many people, who have become rich by transforming their lives of misery, give credit to this book. And the word “rich” not only connotes “money”; rather, it is much more than “money”. it is an abundance you can achieve by applying the 13 lessons presented in this book.

key points

the best thing to take is the six step formula for success/wealth/abundance that dr. engraved hill. here’s a snapshot –

  • Step #1: Decide how much money/in-kind you need
  • Step #2: Think about what you you’re willing to give to earn it (compensation)
  • step #3: set a deadline to receive it
  • step #4 : create a step-by-step plan to get there
  • step #5: write everything down
  • step # 6: read the written statement twice a day, after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep

#2 – the 7 habits of highly effective people

by dr. stephen covey

talks about seven specific habits that can transform the paradigm of an average individual and can make their life count. take a look at the review and the best conclusions.

book review

this is the best motivational book of dr. covey ever. most all other books that dr. covey has written are based on the principles recorded here. In this motivational book, he will learn to change his paradigm from being a victim to being a victor. You will learn to change your habits. you will begin to start any project with the end of life. and above all, you will discover the purpose of your life.

key points

There are two things that are most important in this book:

  • first, dr. Covey says there are no quick fixes in life. if you want to change something (health, wealth, career, family), you need to take deliberate steps and try to “understand first and be understood later”.
  • second, dr. Covey talks about an exercise where you need to imagine that you are an 80-year-old guy who is holding on to his last breath. Now think about what you want your loved ones and close ones to say about you! you will find your purpose.

#3 – the man in search of meaning

by viktor frankl

this motivational book has changed the life of a great spiritual teacher, the life of dr. wayne dyer. it’s so powerful and relevant that you’ll get goosebumps after reading it.

book review

Imagine that you have been imprisoned for a long time. the guards have taken everything: food, clothes, friends, family and a life worth living. during that time, what could you think? do you have a possibility? Viktor Frankl did it. he thought to himself: what if they take everything from me and they still can’t get to the deepest part of me where I am mine? and he did. he came out of that Nazi camp alive and wrote this book. if you are prone to despair, this is a book you should read.

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key points

  • the story of absolute misery will inspire you to live a life of mission. you just can’t give up your freedom of choice at any given time.
  • the most important quote in the book is this: “everything can be taken from a man except one thing: the last of human freedoms : choosing one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, choosing one’s path.”

#4 – the alchemist

by paulo coelho

This is one of the best selling books of all time. paulo coelho book paulo coelho book paulo coelho is a famous brazilian author. he is well known for writing novels, he is also a lyricist. He has written many best selling novels and his novel The Alchemist is the best selling novel and sold over 35 million copies. read more author has started to get huge admiration from him after writing this motivational book. This is a novel that revolves around a boy and his dream.

book review

if you have a dream, you can’t skip this book. It will show you how to dream, how to listen to your intuition, how to take decisive action in uncertain times, how to choose between the most important tasks and the most important tasks, and how to follow your heart. This motivational book is a fascinating read and read by all celebrities, movie stars, businessmen and women all over the world. if you haven’t read this yet, it’s time you picked it up.

key points

  • You will find many metaphors that will match the incidents in your life. you’ll be able to relate to what happens to the shepherd boy in the story.
  • you’ll also discover that the secret to achieving your dreams lies at the very heart of your being. if you are looking elsewhere, it is time to go within and find what is hidden within.

#5 – the power of positive thinking

by norman vincent peale

about the book

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The book demonstrates the power of faith in God and provides many practical techniques that can help you achieve a happy, fulfilling and fulfilling life. It is considered one of the best books written on positivity and self-improvement.

book review

In this book, the author uses a combination of analytical and religious approach to condition your mind towards a life worth living. however, he does not recommend any superficial instruction, but goes much deeper to provide you with an excellent set of guidelines that he can instill in his basic habits. the only major concern with the book is that the techniques provided in it are completely based on christian teachings; a secular approach might have been a better option. however, the teachings clarified in the text can be said to be general in nature so that they are open to interpretation according to your religious belief and therefore can be easily adopted. overall, it’s an inspiring book that will teach you to have faith in everything around you.

key points

  • This book can help you in your intellectual growth and help you understand the laws of the universe.
  • This is an excellent choice of book if you are looking for solutions to your problems from a religious person. point of view.

#6 – you’re a badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an amazing life

by jen sincere

about the book

This self-help book has 27 small chapters at the end of which you will learn how to change something you don’t like and how to start liking something you can’t change so that you have a wonderful and peaceful life.

book review

This inspiring book offers great practical skills and techniques that, if you can apply them to your life, will help you grow. the book will help you to realize that you have a huge potential within you and also possess all the necessary skills to be successful in everything only if you are able to direct your energy in the right direction. in fact, the author claims that you often present yourself as an obstacle in your own path to success. In short, if you intend to change your life and make it happier, then you are the only one who can make it happen.

key points

  • This is a must read for you if your own mental barriers are keeping you from achieving your goals in life.
  • You have to be open-minded to benefit from this book, as it will force you to constantly doing some introspection.
  • This book will teach you techniques that will help you become a complete badass.
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#7 – determination: the power of passion and perseverance

by Angela Duckworth

about the book

The book as a whole stresses the importance of developing tenacious character because it is courage and not mere talent that helps you achieve outstanding results in life.

book review

The book begins with the question of why only a few people succeed while the rest fail. The author says that the secret to achieving an outstanding result is not talent but focused determination and courage. In this book, he shares many insights from his groundbreaking research on determination and explains why mere talent cannot be seen as a guarantee of success, but rather depends on his ability to see things. The book can be divided into two parts where the first half is more self-help while the second half focuses on academic analysis. Overall, this is a very well written and inspiring book backed by the author’s extensive research findings.

key points

  • is a must-read for you if you are striving for success but suffer from a lack of self-confidence.
  • focuses on the fact that talent alone does not it can lead you to success if you don’t show perseverance.

#8 – the subtle art of not giving a fuck: a counterintuitive approach to living the good life

by mark manson

about the book

The book in its no-nonsense language suggests that you don’t run away from painful truths but rather face them, thereby instilling in you a sense of honesty, courage, responsibility, and perseverance.

book review

For decades, we’ve been taught that positive thinking is the key ingredient to a happy and fulfilling life and here comes an author who says “fuck positivity.” he claims that human beings are born with flaws and limitations, that it is not their fault. he highlights the fact that it is not possible for everyone to be extraordinary and that in society there will be few winners and many losers. the idea behind this preaching is that you must know your limitations and you must embrace them and only then can you overcome your fears. the most striking feature of the book is the writing style, which clearly justifies the title of the book.

key points

    also the things that should not worry you. In other words, he tells you to accept your own flaws and limitations and move on with your life.

#9 – tuesdays with morrie: an old man, a young man and life’s greatest lesson

by mitch albom

This isn’t exactly a motivational book; rather, he has spoken of something radical: how to die well. The philosophy of this book revolves around this piece of wisdom: “If you can learn to die well, you will know how to live well.”

book review

This motivational book is written with extraordinary candor and surprising storytelling. the entire book is filled with dialogues with the author’s dying teacher, from whom the author learned the magic of life. If you want to live the incredible experience of living with an elderly person and you want to soak up his wisdom, love, compassion and honesty, this motivational book is for you.

key points

  • It is often difficult for us to imagine the best of life until we are on our deathbed and gasping for our last breath. but this is your chance to know what you need to know before the capricious nature of death ignores you and makes you realize the true value of life.
  • is written as a kind of memoir where the The author tells the story of a dying professor and how during his last days, the author realizes the essentials of life.

#10 – you can heal your life

by louise hay

This is a groundbreaking motivational book from the mother of personal development, Louise Hay. She has shared the exact strategies and affirmations she used to achieve an incredible level of wealth, cure cancer, and shed the guilt and shame of childhood abuse.

book review

If you think that affirmation doesn’t work, you really need to read this book. the author says that people who think the affirmation doesn’t work are denying the positive effect of the affirmation by saying so. this motivational book has sold millions of copies, and many, many men and women have recounted the stories of incredible transformation in their lives by applying the principle. so pick up this book and apply the insights, ideas, affirmations, and meditations given in this book.

key points

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If you want to experience radical transformation, you need to read this highly motivating book. there are two pieces of wisdom you will learn from this book –


    #11 – how to win friends and influence people

    by dale carnegie

    talk about the classic in people management, and this is what you get. This top motivational book has changed a generation of people and taught them the secrets to winning friends and creating influence.

    book review

    there are typical things you can do to establish an instant connection with them. you can call them old school, but you know they work once you start making them. For example, when you meet someone, be genuinely interested in them (don’t tell them what you need), remember their names if you’ve met them before, smile, and so on. this motivational book is still very relevant and can work wonders for people who have a hard time making friends and influencing people.

    key points

    The three A’s are the foundation of this innovative motivational book –

    • attention – pay attention and time to people.
    • affection – let them know you like them, never tell them that they are wrong.
    • aspiration: tell them you are interested in their interests and that they can share with you.

    #12 – the compound effect – boosting your income, your life, your success

    by darren hardy

    If you’re desperate and don’t see any chance of making your life count, this book will help. This is a modern success manual written step by step. follow this motivational book and success will be yours.

    book review

    The author himself has used all the principles articulated here. When he wrote this book, he was the editor of the most esteemed magazine in the world, “the magazine of success.” Using the same principles, he became a millionaire at the age of 24 and then began his journey of teaching and leadership. This book is based on the principle of momentum. if he starts a little habit, he may not give you instant benefits right away. but give it enough time and you will see that it will transform your life.

    key points

    The best takeaways are the examples and customer stories Darren shared throughout this book. You’ll learn how by changing one little thing in your life, you can achieve incredible success over the years. it’s like compound interestcompound interestcompound interest is the interest charged on the sum of the principal amount and the total interest accumulated so far. plays a crucial role in generating higher rewards from an more. over a long period of time, whatever you do, it multiplies. if you want to achieve success in your life, take this motivational book and apply it all.

    #13 – the unique – the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results

    by gary keller and jay papasan

    If you want to specialize in business, skills, or subjects, this is the book to choose. In this age of mainstream culture, it’s a great relief to know that you can do one thing amazingly well if you choose to.

    book review

    This book should not be read without a notebook and pen handy. There is so much to learn in this book that you may need to reread it several times to master it. If you feel like you’re too overwhelmed with what to do, pick up this book and you’ll learn how to set your priorities and how to get amazing results doing the same.

    key points

    We have placed this book in a motivational genre not only because it has much to teach us; rather, it will help you get out of your comfort zone and take real steps toward mastery. From the domino effect to setting aside time for one thing, to focusing on the right things throughout the day, you’ll learn a lot from this book.

    #14 – mindset: the new psychology of success

    by carol s. dweck

    This motivational book will change the way you think and by using this new way of thinking, you will be unstoppable.

    book review

    This motivational book is a comparative investigation of two mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe their talents and abilities are innate and they can’t do anything to change it. People with a growth mindset believe that they can develop their talents and abilities by learning and training their minds. You’ll learn why it’s important to have a growth mindset and how you can change your mind from being fixed to being open and ready.

    key points

    The best part is the research the author shows to back up her claims. You will learn much more than you think. po bronson, the author of nurtureshock, mentions that this is one of the most influential books on motivation.

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