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I like to lớn read. I have many “favorite”authors. Reading their work keeps me busy, but I try to lớn keep open toauthors I have not tried yet. Sometimes I get recommendations fromfamily & friends, but I have begun lớn use the Internet for morerecommendations. The literature maps site is a new way for me to lớn findauthors I can expect khổng lồ like.

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Literature map in an author”s name at the Website và you get names of other authors. The other authors move awayfrom the center. According to the site developer, the closer anotherauthor”s name is lớn the one you entered, the more you should liketheir work.

Here is the result of typing RobertHeinlein inkhổng lồ the site.


Larry Niven is the closest name toHeinlein, and I would agree. I really lượt thích Niven”s work.

Below that are listed in distanceorder: Jacqueline Carey, Elizabeth Moon, Ayn Rvà and Greg Bear.

I have sầu read và very much enjoyedElizabeth Moon.

I Guess I should try Jacqueline Carey.Off to the library.

Everything I have sầu heard from otherpeople says I won”t enjoy Ayn Rand. Should I try anyway?

The lower left corner includes JohnVarley whose work I enjoy.

I have sầu not read Douglas Hofstaeter, butjust beyond his name is David Brin whose work I really like, too. Offto the library again, I guess to lớn try Hofstaeter.

The page is confusing at the verycorner. At least a couple of names overlap.I can see whothey are by clicking a name that is easy to read near the corner. I”ll get a new maps around that name.

I think I should comment that the rightside of the page includes Diông chồng Francis. He writes detective sầu fiction.I am not sure how he appears on the Heinlein page.

I asked my wonderful wife to lớn give me anauthor”s name, & I typed Robert Parker, most well known for theSpenser detective sầu novels. Here is Parker”s map.


We instantly agreed that the closest name, John D.MacDonald, was a hit. My wife loved all of MacDonald”sTravis McGee series, andmany years ago, we went lớn The New England Smartphone Book Fair, awonderful book warehouse store, & bought copies of all thepaperbacks they had by Macdonald. But, look a little to the right anddown. There is John D Macdonald (without the period on the middleinitial). Does the missing initial diminish his proximity to RobertParker? What kind of glitch is this? Theartificial intelligenceengine behind this site isn”t truly intelligent, of course. The systemdepends on the way visitors enter their favorite author”s names. Somepeople have sầu entered John D. Macdonald. Others entered John D Macdonald.The engine doesn”t recognize them as the same author.

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Because Diông chồng Francis happened to lớn appearon both the Heinlein & Parkerpages, I clicked Diông chồng Francis go get his bản đồ.


Notice that Robert Parker is much closer lớn Francis, here, andThomas Perry is between them. I really lượt thích Perry, but my wife, a fanof both Parker & Francis didn”t care for the Thomas Perry book sheread, Vanishing Act. That is the only Thomas Perry book shehas read, because she was put off by Vanishing Act.

I have read most of Perry”s books andwould recommover them, though.

The Literature-maps site derives its author linkagesthrougha links on the related site, gnooks!

At that site, you enter the names ofthree authors you like. You get a recommendation baông chồng for a fourthauthor.

I entered Elizabeth Moon, Larry Nivenvà Larry McMurtry.

The gnooks site recommended LoisMcMaster Bujold. I approve sầu of the recommendation. I am a big bạn ofLMB”s writing.

Each person who enters three authornames adds “weight” to their relationship. The more often the anyof the same names get entered together, the closer they appear on themaps. If you are a mainly a bạn of one genre, you will probably enterthree authors from that genre, (presumably as your reading peers also would) và the proximity maps will mainly show authors ofthat genre. Heinlein”s bản đồ mainly has science fiction authors. Getting crossover between genres depends on having more users enterauthor names in groups of three that break out of a single genre.

Gnooks!, Literature-map and the underlying gnod engine are the work of Germandeveloper, Marek Gibney.

More information (in German) is on hismain site:

Gnod is apparently an English acronymfor “Global Network of Dreams”.

The more people who use gnooks for arecommendation, the more effective the literature map site willbecome.

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The site also offers similarrecommendations for music và movies using the same engine in adifferent data realm. There is also a people linking tool that Gibneycalls “Flork” where you can “meet new people webwide”.

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