11 Best Mechanical Engineering Books

We live in a world of fierce competition, and to compete efficiently, you need some tools. The world is changing rapidly and it is important to have up-to-date references at your disposal. As you work, you’ll come across some projects that will need some tips and tricks to complete. When it comes to the field of mechanical engineering, books are the best help you can invest in and you won’t regret it.

In this article, I’ll try to cover as much detail as possible to make sure you can make an informed decision. Before diving into the options and detailed review, it’s important to keep these little factors in mind.

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1. specialization

Among several options, you should get one that suits your workflow. Various mechanical engineering books will give you a complete overview of all aspects. if you are a professional, you will need to have a helping hand in areas where specialization is required.

2. used/new

You will also have the option to purchase a used book that will serve that purpose. while you’re on the market, you should settle for the cheapest option available. if there is an option to buy a ‘used’ book and it is in good condition, you shouldn’t think twice.

3. hardcover/paperback/kindle edition

When purchasing any book that you will be using quite frequently, you need to decide which edition you want to choose. several factors will play a role. if you’re still on the go, we recommend you opt for the paperback edition.

11 best mechanical engineering books

best mechanical engineering books: reviews

1. the way things work now

The Way Things Work Now

If you are looking for an engineering book for your child or need to review the curriculum and basics, this is the best one you can choose. the latest edition of the book covers quite a few things that are necessary for the 21st century.

added section is the “digital domain” where macaulay talked about touch screens, bits & bytes, vr, etc. this section is necessary as we are heading towards more and more digital use and if you don’t keep up to date you will find yourself dating in no time.

For beginners, the book also contains a glossary where you will find all the technical terms with detailed definitions. The language used by the writer here is quite simple and you will not face any kind of difficulty in understanding the chapters.

the explanations are made in a very detailed and creative way where anyone, whether with technical training, will understand the operation of basic things. Furthermore, this book is available in hardcover and kindle edition format. the authors have focused on providing easy explanations.

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2. modern refrigeration and air conditioning

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

For those with a curious mind and who want to learn new things, this book occupies an important place to fulfill the purpose.

To make sure the student gets the full picture and can make a good run, this andrew d. The book fully complies with HVAC excellence along with PAHRA accreditation. the latest edition guarantees a better learning experience that will include instructional designs, a better explanation of the basic and fundamental concepts related to problem solving and the theoretical aspect.

Later on, students will also get a comprehensive introduction to the latest digital assets that will eventually help nurture general knowledge along with improved practices. It will also curate the diagnostic skills of the student who is new to the world of science and engineering. the 1604 page book offers the best coverage one could need regarding the latest technology used in modern home appliances.

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3. ppi fe mechanical practice problems

PPI FE Mechanical Practice Problems

Passing engineering courses is a task and will require various exams and tests that will enhance your learning. the main tool you should have is a set of mock tests and practice sets. mechanical practice problems may be perfect for you where you will get a variety of questions and problems to solve. the book tries to cover all aspects along with detailed examples and solutions.

If you are just a learner and not preparing for the Faith Mechanics exam, the book is still of significant importance in assessing your learning. Michael R. He is known for his excellent references for exams and his style is widely acclaimed by many students.

Issues noted in this lab set come with detailed solutions with appropriate steps. the author is also fully aware of the exam format and the mock tests are fully in sync with the format.

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4. machinery manual toolbox

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When you are looking for the best book that can give you the necessary knowledge related to all metal working, Machinery Toolbox is the book you should settle for. it’s been available for over 100 years and now; the book is in its 31st edition.

It is also one of the best books that gives you all the design and manufacturing knowledge that will be of great help while you are working on the installations. the toolbox is one of the best that will cover all the fundamental aspects of engineering.

the latest edition written by erik oberg offers an extensive metrology section along with verniers, dial gauges and v-blocks. A fluids section has also been added to the toolbox which will cover things like hydraulic, vacuum and pneumatic applications. the author has also added a range of various equations that will help in an easy solution to the problem.

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5. basic machines and how they work

Basic Machines and How They Work

Among the various books available, there is a very limited number of options that you will find perfect for you. the latest edition of this netp book includes very good and clear information on all navy equipment including training manuals.

The language and sentence formation used in this book are helpful for all beginners and non-technical learners. the guide begins by explaining the most basic of machines, as simple as a lever. Going deeper into the book, you will find detailed information related to hydraulic and vacuum systems.

once the basic set of machinery is done, this ocean of knowledge published on netp also covers the elements used in the machines for better use. These elements are springs, bearings, coupling, clutches, differentials, etc. All aspects discussed here are explained in a very simple and easy way. Theories are also annotated in such a way that anyone can easily understand the basic functionality without any problems.

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6. mechanical engineering for creators hands designing

Mechanical Engineering for Makers Hands Designing

The main audience and target of this book are those students who have a curious mind and want to keep learning new things. In addition, the book is a basic and simple guide that will cover all the basic theories of engineering, including physics and mathematics.


The chapters that you will get here are quite comprehensive and you will also get a detailed illustration on a topic that will give you a complete step by step guide of a project that will help you understand it easily. most chapters also come with a “Follow Up” section where curious minds can dig deeper and gather more knowledge on the subject.

There is also a website linked to the topics where you can gather more information. Furthermore, the definitions and explanations you will get here will be detailed enough for even beginners to understand. the author has also incorporated several aspects where he tried to use humor and interesting points of view to explain a point. As we discussed in the previous paragraph, the inclusion of a website is a huge advantage you’ll get with this book.

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7. ppi mechanical engineering reference manual

PPI Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual

We have also included a practice book that you will find very useful for taking the Physical Mechanics exam. this is also the reference manual that focuses on giving you a detailed set of problems with the format and structure of the actual exam.

The problems you will find in this manual will help you practice for the exams and you will also be able to manage your time better. in addition, the problems provided here also have detailed explanations. in this way, you will not find any kind of hassle in reviewing them.

The explanations are quite simple and are done in a step-by-step guide. The manual will also give you a detailed theory on heat transfer, machine design, HVAC, and you will also find chapters on law, economics, and ethics. As you prepare for an exam, you need to have the right resources. In addition, this reference manual by Michael R. it’s the perfect fit for all the wannabes out there. Thanks to simple and easy explanations, engineering never felt so easy to understand. it is also one of the few books suitable for the ncees exam.

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8. gear cutting for home machinists

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Gear Cutting for Home Machinists

The practical guide you will get here is very detailed and comprehensive, and the chapters will cover a wide range of practices. the book is also suitable for beginners as it focuses primarily on teaching the fundamentals correctly.

The author has tried to explain it fully and you will no longer need to continue your search. the language used here is written with beginners in mind and is not loaded with technical jargon.

Also, there are plenty of diagrams and graphs to help students understand what the chapter is about. there are chapters devoted to covering gears, bevel wheels, gear cutters, etc. Furthermore, this 136 page engineering book is one of the best you will find suitable for your requirements. the math part of the book is also explained quite well and you won’t have to go to any other resource for a simple explanation of the problems.

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9. the beginners guide to mechanical engineering

The Beginner

If you are one of those people who do not have any knowledge related to technical aspects, this is the right guide for you. the main focus of this guide is to introduce you to all the technical jargon without making it too complicated for you.

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The author tries to elaborate the complicated concepts in a more theoretical than mathematical way. In addition, the book is aimed at high school graduates who aspire to pursue engineering careers.

however, it is also a significantly useful tool to satisfy your curious minds. The Beginner’s Guide to Engineering is a series of three books that will familiarize you with the three branches of engineering. one thing you need to keep in mind is that this is just an entry level book and you will need to invest in other resources as well. however, if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll need to invest a fair amount of time to understand all that it has to offer.

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10. mechanical engineering: static

Engineering Mechanics: Statics

when it comes to mechanics, statics is the topic that will offer detailed explanation and clarification on any topic mentioned. If you’re in the market for a book that can help you learn easily, you can’t help but get this one.

The latest edition of this engineering book includes the preliminary set of problems that focus on improving students’ problem-solving abilities. Along with him, students will also understand the importance of conceptual analysis.

In addition, the book also focuses on practical issues with realistic situations. There is also a built-in assessment program that will also help you assess your learnings. Also, the book is quite detailed and long enough for you to understand all the topics thoroughly. In addition, the overall quality of the page and print is also excellent and if you are one of those people who have a curious mind, I would recommend buying the used book.

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11. shigley mechanical engineering design


Students who have just enrolled in an engineering course will find this book perfect. The information and data given here will give enough coverage and even if you are a beginner, the author has tried to give a very simple and clear explanation of each and every complicated topic.

The biggest advantage you will get here is that the examples you will find in this book are quite realistic and you will get a very good understanding of the subject.

there is one thing you should keep in mind and that is the price. Not everyone will be able to afford it that easily, and if you’re going to buy the entire series, it will end up costing you a lot more.

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I have done my best to compile here all the aspects you should consider when buying a mechanical engineering book. the review is geared towards the beginning audience with some interest in science. is for those who want to learn the basic wonders and fundamentals of engineering. Although I have included all the books you will find relevant, there may be a case where you find it a bit difficult to choose one. I’m going to make things easy for you here too.

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  • For students looking for a detailed reference, the most suggested book for them is Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. It is also an inexpensive option that anyone can easily buy.
  • If you are looking for a fairly cheap option, what you should settle for are the basic machines and their operation. the content is aimed at beginners and the pocket format is easy to transport.

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