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publishers of self-help books

Just completed a self-help manuscript and are now looking for publishers of books in this genre?

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Below are the top 19 self-help book publishers currently accepting submissions.

1. acadian house post

Operated in Lafayette, Louisiana, Acadian House Publishing is an independent publisher specializing in the production of nonfiction titles. Founded in 1979, Acadian House has published a wide selection of biographies, books on psychology, theology, business, sports, and self-help books.

The publisher is currently looking for self-help manuscripts, but strongly recommends first mailing a query letter. They will only contact authors they are interested in working with. In your query letter, be sure to include your name and contact information, as well as a brief summary of what your self-help book is about.

2. addicus books

addicus books was founded in 1994 in omaha, nebraska by rod colvin. This publishing house aims to produce high-quality non-fiction books, with an emphasis on health books. addicus books is a smaller publisher and uses its relationship with the group of independent publishers in chicago to help sell its books to stores and libraries.

They are currently accepting submissions and are especially interested in books on consumer health, self-help, psychology, business, economics, and investing. They recommend that you first email them a query letter so they can assess whether your manuscript would be a good fit. they ask you to include a one-page overview of your book, two or three sample chapters, a chapter-by-chapter summary, a brief author biography, a word count, and information about the market you hope to sell to.

top publishers of self-help books

3. big sky post

big sky publishing is an Australian publisher with a primary focus on producing non-fiction and children’s books for adults. they consider history, military history, self-help, autobiographies, and how-to guides in some of their areas of expertise. If you would like to contact Big Sky Publisher, they are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for self-help titles.

They ask you to email your submission, along with a one-page synopsis of your manuscript, the first four chapters, and an overview that should include who your target audience is, any reviews of your book, key points of sale, an overview of its content, and a brief biography of the author and any relevant writing experience or contacts in the writing industry.

4. kensington publishing corp

kensington publishing corp is a new york-based publisher that publishes both fiction and non-fiction titles. the company was established in 1974 and for the past two decades has worked with highly successful authors around the world. Some of her popular titles in the self-help niche are ‘The Highly Sensitive Parent’ by Elaine N. Aron, Scott Hagan’s ‘The Language of Personal Power and Influence’ and Michael G.’s ‘Owning Bipolar’. pipich the company is currently open for submissions in the self-help niche. you can submit your proposal to editor denise silvestro by email. for more details on their shipping process, check out this page.

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5. post turner

If you want to collaborate with an award-winning publisher, turner publishing may be a great option. Established in 1984, the company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Turner Publisher is known to publish exciting and informative titles in both fiction and non-fiction. In the self-help niche, they have published excellent works such as ‘The New Intelligence: How Nurturing Creativity Will Help Kids Thrive’ by Terry Roberts, ‘Rolling Around: Self-Help for Troubled Teens’ by Kendall Johnson and ‘Stars: respecting the rights of others by jan stewart. Since Turner Publishing follows an open submission policy, you can contact them directly via email. You can also check this page for more information on their shipping policies.

6. hci books

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Established in 1977, hci has devoted a large part of its publishing efforts to self-help books. they love working with authors who have written books that can help and inspire others. hci books published john bradshaw’s “helping the shame that binds you” and it became a new york times bestseller that eventually appeared on oprah. hci was also the publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

hci currently accepts self-help book submissions, but please note that due to the high volume of manuscripts it receives, it will only respond to those authors who they feel would best fit their list of publications. They do accept submissions electronically via email, but more information about their guidelines can be found here. If you choose to email your manuscript, you will be asked to include a self-addressed (sase) stamped envelope if you want your copy returned.

7. kharis post

kharis publishing is a traditional independent publisher currently accepting unsolicited inquiries about self-help books. there is no fee to publish through this publisher, and authors even have access to professional assistance with editing and cover design. all you have to do is submit an inquiry through their online submission form. their editing team will get back to you shortly if they are interested in your self-help book. For more details about the submission process, you can refer to this page.

8. publication of library stories

library tales was founded in 2011 and has produced self-help focused books, memoirs and niche fiction books. They have worked with authors such as David Friedman, Arje Shaw, Jim Hamilton, and other talented authors. have helped authors produce both print and electronic books to keep up with books in the digital age. they are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts and through their online submission form.

9. new precursor publications

new harbinger publications is a traditional independent publisher that loves working with authors who have written evidence-based self-help books. are well known for their self-help books on mental health, relationships, and even spirituality and philosophy.

based in oakland, california, currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. however, due to the volume of submissions they receive, you can expect to receive a response in two to three months. Submissions can be submitted via email or postal mail. for more details on what they would like to see included in their shipment, it can be found here.

10. chicago review press

Founded in 1973, Chicago Review Press is an independent publisher based in Chicago, Illinois. Although the company had humble beginnings, it has now grown into a medium-sized publishing agency with more than 900 published titles. however, they are extremely selective about the quality of manuscripts, publishing only 50 titles a year. Some of her notable works in the self-help niche include Elizabeth Crary’s “Helping Children With Their Feelings,” Rebecca Huntley’s “The Sleep Book for Weary Parents,” and Alison Hagee’s “Educating the Heart.” chicago review press is accepting proposals for self-help titles. You can find more details about their submission process on this page.

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11. hay house

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Hay House was established in 1984 by Louisa Hay. she created this agency to publish her first two titles, which eventually became worldwide bestsellers. Beginning in 1987, Hay House began its publishing operations on a larger scale. The company began publishing CDs, DVDs, and electronic books, as well as paperbacks. they also offer inspiring courses from time to time. Miki Agarwal’s Disrupt Her, Esther and Jerry Hicks’ The Amazing Power of Emotions, and Alison Porter’s Stronger Than Before are some of her best-selling self-help titles. Hay House considers self-help manuscripts only when you join their community of writers. Unfortunately, the community is currently closed for new memberships. however, you can join the waiting list and refer to this page for more information on the manuscript submission process.

12. red wheel / weiser books

red wheel is a publishing company based in newburyport, massachusetts. Originally founded in 1987, Red Wheel works together with several smaller publishers. One of specific interest to self-help authors is Weiser Books, which works closely with Red Wheel to publish books in the self-help genre.

red wheel has several imprints and they are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for their affiliate, career press. . You are asked to include a cover letter with your contact information and a brief description of your proposed manuscript. they ask you to include an overview of the book, along with a full table of contents and a little information about your target audience. For more information on their submission guidelines, click here.

13. bloomsbury

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Established in 1986, Bloomsbury is a leading publisher of fiction and non-fiction titles. With offices in London, New York, Oxford, Sydney and New Delhi, the company seeks to work with talented authors from around the world. Some of her best work in the self-help niche includes, “The Art of Success: 21 Mantras from the Bhagvad Gita,” “How to Be an Existentialist” by Gary Fox, and “The Whole Thing: Sticky Bits of Being a Woman” by Lalita Iyer. . Since Bloomsbury does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, you should consult a literary agent to represent your work. You can find more details about the submission process here.

14. editorial group six degrees

six degrees publishing group is an independent publisher that focuses on non-fiction books that address topics related to philosophy, spirituality, health, the environment, and business-related issues. are currently accepting manuscript submissions for self-help books, and we encourage you to read their submissions page before submitting your book for review and consideration.

15. square editors one

square one’s mission statement is “to provide an accessible starting point for those who want to know more.” They were founded in 2000 by Rudy Shur, former president of the Avery Publishing Group. they have produced several best-selling self-help books and are always looking for new authors to represent in the literary marketplace.

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They only accept mail submissions, but may sometimes consider faxing if you send them a query letter first asking if it’s okay. They require a cover letter that explains the main concept of your book, the reason behind why you wrote it, as well as a bit of information about your target audience. they also require a detailed table of contents, an overview of the book, a short author biography, and a sase so they can respond to your submission.

16. sunbury press books

Headquartered in mechanicsburg, pennsylvania, sunbury press books was founded in 2004 and publishes nearly seventy new titles a year. its self-help category turns out to be one of the company’s most successful book categories. They publish in both print and e-book form to better market their book to more readers. while the company is currently open to fiction submissions, they have not specified any details for non-fiction manuscripts. you can keep checking this page for updated details on your shipping process. they do not accept paper copies sent by mail.

17. barricade books

Headquartered in Larchmond, New York, Barricade Books is an independent publisher specializing in non-fiction titles. The company started operations in 1992 and has since produced excellent titles in the self-help niche. Some of his more notable titles include Lewis D. Bratproofing Your Children. and janet stern solomon, philip koetsch’s ‘conquer the casinos’, and ‘dr. Fischer’s Little Book of Major Medical Emergencies’ by Stuart Fischer M.D., and Mark D. steisel. Although Barricade Books accepts unsolicited submissions via email, we strongly recommend that you consult a literary agent for the submission process. you can check this page for more details about their shipping policies.

18. urban edge post

This is a small Georgia-based publisher that works closely with its authors and publishers to produce high-quality, engaging books for its readers. urban edge publishing not only produces hard copies, but has also started publishing books in e-book form.

They are currently looking for self-help presentations. They ask you to include a query letter and the first two or three chapters of your proposed book. Submissions must be submitted via email or regular mail, and you can expect a response in six to eight weeks. if they are interested in your work, they will ask for your full manuscript for further consideration.

19. wellbridge books

wellbridge books launched in 2017 as an imprint of the six degrees publishing group (mentioned above). This particular publishing division focuses primarily on self-help books written by qualified authors (doctors, lawyers, experts in their field). they are currently accepting manuscripts with a minimum length of 60k words. They first ask you to email an inquiry letter with more information about your experience and a general summary of the topic you hope to address. for more information, feel free to check their shipping page.

Do you know any other self-help book publishers? tell us about them in the comment box below!

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