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Sarah Maclean is America’s best-selling author. uu. today, the washington post and the new york times of novels based on the romance and young adult genres. She was born on December 17, 1978 in Lincoln, Rhode Island, United States. sarah saw huge success from the first adult romance novel of her career, which debuted on the new york times bestseller list. it remained on the top chart for a period of 4 weeks. In addition to writing novels, Sarah also reviews monthly columns on romance novels in the Washington Post. In her successful career as an author, Sarah has twice won the Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Historical Romance in 2013 and 2014. Born to an English mother and an Italian father, Sarah grew up in a mixed culture. she has reported on her website that her mother used to work for mi6 as a spy. Her older sister used to read books based on the romance genre, so she also developed an interest in it and started reading and writing romance stories in her early days. Ever since her years growing up as a teenager, Sarah had dreamed of becoming a romance novelist. in 2000, she earned her bachelor of arts degree from smith college, northampton, massachusetts, in american studies. her during her days at smith college, she used to read hundreds of romance books together with her friends.

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after completing her graduation, sarah moved to new york city and began working as a literary publicist until she enrolled in graduate school at harvard university. she received her master’s degree in education. Returning to New York City after Ella’s master’s degree, Ella Sarah wrote her first novel based on the young adult genre, after a friend of hers suggested that she try writing novels based on the romance in the life of adolescents. the novel, the season was set in regency england and received several awards and nominations. She was also named to the Texas Library Association Reading List in 2010. After the success of her first novel, Ella Sarah attempted to write her first romance novel, which was a Regency historical book. . It then debuted on the US best-seller lists. uu. today and the new york times. In addition to being a noted writer, Sarah is also a self-proclaimed feminist and likes to speak widely on the topic of feminism and the romance genre. she also likes to vocally defend the literary merit of the skills required to write a romance novel. As of today, author Sarah Maclean is happily married and living in Brooklyn, New York, along with her husband and her daughter. In addition to being busy writing the plots of her YA and her romance novels, she is also extremely active on social media, often talking about her daily life and her upcoming novels. Almost all the novels written by Sarah have been translated into more than 20 foreign languages ​​and distributed all over the world. for her excellent contribution in support of romance novels and her female readers have allowed her to be called “funnily furious” by the entertainment weekly in the year 2014.

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author sarah maclean has written a total of 3 successful romance novels in her writing career, one of which is the ‘scoundrel rules’ series, which consists of a total of 4 books published between the years of 2012 and 2014. The first novel in the series was titled as ‘A Rogue By Any Other Name’ and was published by Avon Publishing in the year 2012. The plot of the novel takes place in London, England, UK during the time from the year 1831. It revolves around the lives of the main characters Michael Lawler, Lady Penelope Marbury and the Marquis of Bourne. In the opening sequence of the novel’s plot, the Bourne is depicted as part of the cast of his society about a decade ago with nothing more than his title. Now, he has become a partner in one of London’s most exclusive gambling hells and seems to be doing everything he can to win back his inheritance. He too seems to have become cold and ruthless in his anger, and harbors the evil intention of marrying Mrs. Penelope Marbury in a proper and perfect ceremony. On the other hand, Lady Penelope is going through the disappointment of a broken engagement and after years of courtship, she has lost interest in a comfortable and peaceful marriage. she doesn’t expect anything good to happen in her life as she has seen a number of disappointments in her life. now his future wife seems to have the ability to provide him with all the luxuries and uncharted pleasures of life. Even though Bourne has become the prince of the underworld in London, he promises himself to keep Penelope away from her evil. but it seems to be a difficult challenge for him, since the lady herself wishes to be part of the underworld and shows the willingness to bet everything she can, even her heart.

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The second novel in the series was published in 2013 by Avon. It was titled “A Good Earl Deserves a Lover” and featured the main characters in the form of Lady Philippa Marbury, Earl of Harlow, and Jasper Arlesey. Like the plot of the first novel in the series, the plot of this novel is also set in London, England, United Kingdom at the time of the year 1831. In the opening sequence of the novel’s plot, Lady Philippa. as a strange woman who has interests in books instead of dances, science instead of a season, and flora instead of fashion. She is introduced to him as the fourth daughter of Dolby and Needham and nearly becomes engaged to Lord Castleton. Before getting married, she wants to explore all the scandalous parts of London that she hasn’t seen before. she knows very well who to ask for the fulfillment of her wishes and she calls cruz, who is handsome, charming, tall, and is the accountant of ‘the fallen angel’. His quick wit has made him London’s most coveted and notorious gambling hell. Philippa investigates Cross and thinks he’s perfect for her plans. she waits to bear witness without any emotion and thinks of nothing else but the cross to give her the experience she so desperately needs. but, when she puts her propositions to the cross, he is tempted towards her. He needs to resist her feelings for her with everything he has of her and give Philippa what she wants from him.

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