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what is special about susan mallery’s writing is that the characters she describes in her books feel very real. She is also famous for putting her characters in emotional yet funny situations that readers can relate to her own lives.

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Her books have made booklist’s top 10 romances four years in a row. She has won the hearts of countless admirers through his writings and has managed to reach new heights in the list of best-selling authors all over the world.

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susan was born and raised in southern california and has now settled in seattle with her husband and a family dog.

He has written wonderful masterpieces throughout his career and his books have been rightly described as immensely entertaining and intensely emotional, hilarious and moving. she is also considered to be the queen of romantic fiction.

susan is a great readers writer and is humbled by her enthusiasm for her novels. it’s her love and affection that makes her create amazing bestsellers over and over again.

susan has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in popular fiction writing. she has also studied story structure extensively in screenwriting courses. She has entertained readers with her touching and witty stories related to women and their lives.

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His first piece of writing was published as soon as he got out of college. It has reached number 2 on the New York Times all-time best-seller list and his writing has spent more than 120 weeks on the US best-seller list. uu. currently.

susan has been described as being in a class by herself because of her humorous take on life and her deep understanding of human nature. her career reached even higher with the advent of electronic books.

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His website provides the details of each of the books he has written in full detail in digital format. Susan has written more than 20 successful novel series in her career spanning three decades.

His first series of novels was titled “Independent”, which includes more than 25 novels published from 1991 to this year. his recent successful series of novels is the ‘fool’s gold’ series, which consists of 26 different novels and e-books.

The novels in this series have been published since 2010 until very recently. few novels are ready to be published in the near future. The first novel to be published in the Fool’s Gold series is titled “Chasing Perfection” and was published in May 2010.

the novel shows many things to do and many people to meet, especially women in the beautiful community of fool’s gold, california. Being located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Fool’s Gold is full of charming people. the novel shows that men usually don’t stick to foll gold due to the lure of big city life that has to be fixed quickly.

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The novel introduces a character named charity jones who is an urban planner. charity very much wants to settle in life as she had seen a nomadic childhood. She falls in love with everything in town except former world-class biker Josh Golden, who is the town’s most famous resident. she has seen several romantic disasters and, as a result, is not ready to take another risk.

She is always seen to be striving for perfection in her life and thus is described as chasing perfection. the novel was very well received by the audience and opened to rave reviews from all. Its success further increased Susan Mallery’s popularity.

susan very well described the humorous representations of life and people’s emotional feelings. the writers association appreciated her work and nominated her for many awards and recognitions.

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This small-town romance by Susan keeps readers anticipating for future installments in the series. The sequel to the first novel was titled “Almost Perfect” and was published in July 2010. This novel revolves around the life of Liz Sutton, who goes through some of the worst phases of his life. She was always on the wrong side of the tracks at school, but she managed to steal the heart of Ethan Hendrix, the most popular boy in town.

liz and ethan’s secret love got her through the worst times of her life. But soon after, Ethan betrays her, leaving her devastated and pregnant with her child. She was so depressed with her life that she decided to leave fool’s gold forever, or so she thought.

ethan is unaware of liz’s pregnancy, who then gives birth to a son. now, she decides to return to the city of fool’s gold and face the man who changed her life completely.

but this time she’s dead set on making amends without making quick escapes. Both Liz and Ethan can’t deny the fact that they are still attracted to each other after so many years apart. but it remains to be seen if they both give each other a second chance or their spark is not enough to achieve an almost perfect life. the sequel was also a hit with readers and received praise from everyone.

Reviewers described it as an emotional story. it was declared as a must-read story due to the emotional bond it created with the readers. the happy ending of the novel made readers believe that our life can become perfect by our own efforts. The novel succeeded as an emotional journey of finding a new life and rekindling her love for Liz Sutton in a town where she thought she had lost everything. Susan was highly praised for her efforts and received accolades for writing this near-perfect love story.

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