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vivien chien is an American author who writes mystery and suspense novels. Chien rose to fame in 2018 with the publication of her first novel, Death by Dumpling.

+biography vivien chien was born in cleveland, ohio. Growing up as a mixed-race girl in a mixed-race household, Chien’s experiences varied drastically from those of her friends and neighbors.

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As he matured, he realized he could use those unique experiences to influence the stories he wrote. writing came naturally to the chien. he picked up the habit at a very young age and began generating stories starring his elementary school classmates.

As an adult, Chien realized she could combine her love of food with her experiences as a mixed-race girl to write mysteries starring an unassuming mixed-race woman who solves crimes.

When Vivien Chien isn’t writing, she can be found rummaging through local bookstores for hidden gems or visiting Asian restaurants.

+Chien with a literary career discovered his love for reading almost at the same time he met and fell in love with mystery. Her grandmother introduced her to Nancy Drew and she became obsessed with the character.

Over time, writing entered the scene. even though his first novel hit the shelves in 2018, chien actually wrote his first novel when he was sixteen. When she got to college, Ella Chien was determined to make her writing dreams come true.

so she signed up for a fiction writing course. For a short time, although her love of mystery was undeniable, the author experimented with various other genres. but none of them ever gave her true joy and satisfaction, not until she gave in to her passion for mystery.

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She can’t tell you why it took her so long to recognize the power that mystery had over her. But once she hit her stride and once she found her voice in the mystery genre, she started writing and never stopped.

Of course, it didn’t take long for him to realize how complex the path of writing could be. When Vivian Chien decided to pursue writing and publishing at the age of 16, it was because she had just read ‘Interview with the Vampire’ and the book moved her so powerfully that it aroused in her the desire to do the same for other people.

I wanted so much to entertain avid readers like her, make them think, maybe even blow their minds with a twist or two. so even when the hard times came, even when she stumbled on her way to success, she chien never stopped persevering.

it is true that it deviated a bit at the beginning. chien studied a variety of subjects including law, psychology, and even business. but the desire to write never left her. And there came a time when she was finally able to sit down, put pencil to paper, and bring to life the characters she had in mind.

Most of chien’s writing is done in the comfort of your own home. her dog and her blanket are never far from her. the author has no particular source of inspiration. his ideas can emanate from anywhere.

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chien books usually start with a character. a particular name, face, or figure will stick in your mind and you’ll begin to spend a lot of time imagining how that fictional individual might react when placed in intriguing scenarios.

Over time, that individual will become a three-dimensional character, and eventually a plot will take shape. de chien’s writing is influenced by characters like kinsey milhone and authors like sue grafton.

The author spends a lot of time immersed in mystery fiction written by female authors and starring women.

+death by dumpling the ho-lee noodle house might serve great chinese food, but it’s the last place lana lee wanted to be. But then a brutal breakup changed her life and a dramatic development at work left him with no choice but to return to her family’s restaurant.

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lee has no immediate plans for the future. but she needs time to collect her thoughts and put her life back together. In the meantime, she’s willing to spend the next few days, weeks, and even months in the Cleveland area waiting tables.

Of course, Lee knows her mother won’t make things easy for her. And there is little she can do to stop the woman from starting her search for her perfect husband.

Lee’s hectic life takes an even stranger turn when Mr. Feng turns up dead. Feng was the property manager of the family restaurant and, unfortunately for the Lee family, they are prime suspects in his murder case.

Everyone knew the man had a severe shellfish allergy and the restaurant received a delivery of shrimp dumplings shortly before Feng died. With every member of the Ho-Lee Noodle House staff suddenly under suspicion and the local media causing a frenzy, Lana Lee must get to the bottom of the mystery, not only for the sake of her restaurant’s reputation but also for the danger. that haunts her

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+dim sum of all fears things of all lana lee is a dutiful daughter. after all, not many people would wait tables at her family’s restaurant. But Lana didn’t have much choice in the matter. her life outside her house went wrong.

Their relationship ended in disaster and their employment situation exploded. so she had to move back to the cleveland area and had to accept her family’s offer to work in her restaurant because she needed time to find her balance.

Lana gets a chance to secure a real job, but is forced to let it slip through her fingers when her parents travel out of the country and ask her to keep an eye on their business.

lana never expected to thrive under the weight. but she proves to be quite a capable manager.

Unfortunately, his peace does not last. Her neighbors, a newlywed couple, have turned up dead. And once again, it falls on Lana’s shoulders to bring harmony to her small community by solving the murder mystery that has gripped her.

Of course, collecting clues, interviewing suspects, and unraveling conspiracies won’t be so easy now that you have a business to run.

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