Is enhance pointer precision good for gaming in 2021? should you turn it on?

I was reading up on how to improve my game and found a couple of articles saying I need to turn off ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ in Windows.

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I did this and played a couple of games and, well, sucked.

Is this really necessary to be good at FPS? Should I keep practicing or just leave it?



Although it doesn’t do anything in OW, it does have an effect on most games and it’s one of the few things I’d consider to be invariate across all players, hardware etc – turn it off!

To be clear, “enhance pointer precision” means “mouse acceleration”. When it’s enabled, the faster you move your physical mouse, the faster the cursor (or crosshair) speeds up to get to the location. When it’s disabled, there’s always a 1 to 1 ratio of distance your mouse travels to distance your cursor moves on the screen, regardless of how fast you move your mouse.

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This can be changed via mouse sensitivity, but the fact that it’s always a fixed ratio means that as you play more, you develop muscle memory for how far you need to move your mouse to get the crosshair to any part of the screen. It pretty quickly becomes something you don’t have to think about and you’ll be able to flick your crosshair to where you want to be aiming in a fraction of a second, which is very important for hitscan shooting (in Overwatch: Widow, McCree, 76, Reaper, Sombra, scoped Ana)

With mouse acceleration, you can’t develop that all-important muscle memory because the ratio of mouse movement to cursor movement isn’t fixed.

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Tangentially related, but important, is sensitivity. You should probably turn it down to (what feels like) uncomfortably low levels. If you’re used to shooting with mouse acceleration, you’re probably used to having high mouse sensitivity so that you can do all your aiming via wrist movement. This is bad. Your wrist has a very small range of movement that should be reserved for precision aim correction. For looking around the world and making medium or large aim changes, your elbow should be the pivot point. Changing to low sensitivity when you’re used to high sensitivity feels very uncomfortable at first, but if you stick with it and develop muscle memory in your entire arm, rather than just your wrist, your aim will drastically improve.

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