25 Best Anime Coloring Books For Anime Fans

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an anime artist? now with anime coloring books you can experience the thrill of bringing your favorite characters to life.

Anime coloring books not only help establish vital artistic drawing skills, but are also relaxing. People of all ages can enjoy coloring, and there is a perfect book for everyone on this list.

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Anime Coloring Book – 50+ Awesome Anime Style Coloring Pictures For Kids

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This coloring book has a little bit of everything and is great for beginners. Features everyone’s favorite protagonists, from Naruto to Goku to Luffy and more.

This book has both simple and more complex line art pieces. if you’re feeling a little stressed, it’s great to dive into the details of this ornate art. when you’re done with one piece, it becomes great art for your room!

soul eater coloring book

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This soul eater coloring book does the series justice. It has over 50 individual pages of characters, scenes, and other illustrations. the smooth, glossy cover is also a bonus and makes this a great book to have on your coffee table.

but the most important feature of this book is the fact that it comes with over 20 tutorials on how to draw tanjiro, zenitsu, mitsuri and more!

Anime Coloring Book – A coloring book for adults with classic anime and manga style characters

Ava Browne offers some fantastic classic anime-style illustrations that are just as much fun to color as they are to look at. Ava’s style draws from both traditional Japanese anime and the American graphic novel, making it nostalgic on many levels. Scott Pilgrim fans will appreciate this book, as will horror fans for some of the creepy crawlies that Ava includes.

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cute anime coloring book for adults: adding kawaii yuri girls

This book is full of romance! If you haven’t heard of yuri, this genre of anime and manga focuses on romance between women. yaoi, on the other hand, focuses on romance between men (yuri means girl’s love and yaoi means boy’s love).

This coloring book features 30 different yuri romance and heartbreak illustrations, inviting you to make up your own stories behind these images. Equal parts kawaii and beautifully intricate, it makes a great Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) gift!

color over 100 anime characters: v.2 100 coloring pages of the most famous characters in the anime world

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If you don’t want to commit to a single series when choosing an anime coloring book, you’ll appreciate the variety this book offers. Among many others, it features characters from Dragon Ball, One Piece, Demon Slayer, Fairy Tail, Death Note, Bleach, and My Hero Academia.

It’s also not too big or bulky like some coloring books, so it’s great for on the go. If there’s an anime-loving kid in your life, this book will make a great travel companion!

anime coloring book: 200+ mixed anime characters you know, coloring for adults, teens and kids

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This book is over 200 pages long, which means you’ll get an even greater variety of characters from your favorite shows. some fans have even described it as 10 coloring books in one! anime coloring books make awesome gifts for birthdays and holidays.

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If you’re thinking of giving someone a gift but aren’t sure what shows interest them, this book is a safe bet. half the fun is sharing photos with your friends, so they can have their favorite characters too!

cute and creepy pop manga coloring book

sugar, spice and everything weird… this book is both kawaii and scary! d’errico works with his unique art style, creating incredible illustrations of monsters, fantastical creatures, and adorable anime figures.

camilla d’errico has a huge following, and this book only has 1015 ratings and five stars. it’s simply mesmerizing to watch, and the striking designs and imagination behind the characters will take you to another world.

my hero academia coloring book: for kids and teens

Whether you’re the villain or the hero of the team, this book describes it all. Taking from seasons 1 and 2, Itto’s book contains 50 different My Hero Academia coloring pages. you’ll get a great mix of battle scenes, civilian outfits, heroes and villains, as well as character portraits.

manga pop coloring book: a surreal journey through a cute, curious, strange and beautiful world

talented artist camilla d’errico is back with this smash hit. Described as a “superstar of pop surrealism,” d’errico offers a variety of original characters as well as intricate patterns for you to relax and color in.

d’errico offers us more than just unicorns and goblins. The world of it consists of charming forest creatures, steampunk-inspired mechanics, and other fantasy elements.

chibi girls coloring book – for kids with cute and adorable kawaii characters in funny fantasy manga and anime scenes

The chibi art style is appreciated by anime fans for its ability to make even the most menacing characters lovable. The cute cartoon-style characters in this book make it appealing to children and teens. It’s also not overly complex, making it ideal for those looking to develop their artistic skills.

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the manga artist coloring book: girls! : fun female characters to color in

christopher hart is a well known anime artist who has a popular line of how to draw books. He deviates from his usual drawing tutorials to offer this professional line art book that is both fun and rewarding to color.

If you’re interested in drawing anime, coloring is a big part of it. This book and its variety of designs will help you develop skills in color theory and dimension. the designs are also fantastic, so it hardly looks practical!

haikyuu coloring book: volleyball anime coloring

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Volleyball has never been as exciting as it is in the hit anime series Haikyuu. If you’ve never seen the series before, it’s worth watching, but anyone can enjoy the dynamic scenes in this book. kimi chan provides great illustrations for tobio, ukai, yu and many more.

Japanese coloring book – 300+ coloring pages for adults and teens with Japanese themes

People from all over the world have come to appreciate the natural beauty found in Japanese culture. Popular motifs include koi fish, mythical dragons, beautiful traditional clothing, and more.

This book shows all of these themes, as well as some more modernized designs. some of the drawings are even reminiscent of tattoos, which are popular among color lovers.

hunter x hunter coloring book

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This book is designed by a hunter fan for a hunter fan. chan replicates some of the best scenes from the series and makes sure to include all of your favorite characters. One unique aspect of this coloring book is the use of white space.

some garments or bottoms are not filled with patterns like some books, which opens the door to creative possibilities. With this book, you can put your own creative spin on Hunter x Hunter. If you were a manga artist for the series, how would you design its stories?

chibi coloring book: world famous kawaii anime girls!

Any fan of anime will love this collection of chibi art. that’s because it has 20 different chibis for you to color the most popular anime girls! Featured characters include Hinata from Naruto, Akame from Akame ga Kill, Taiga from Aisaka, and Saber from Fate Night.

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An unexpected bonus to this book is that it is printed on thick, high-quality paper, which is ideal for coloring with markers or watercolors.

best anime milfs coloring book

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If you don’t know what milf means, well… you can look it up. but if you know what it means, then this book is perfect for you. This book doesn’t actually contain nudity, but it does have 60 different “cute anime mom” designs for you to color.

even features some popular anime characters. plus, each drawing is printed on a separate page, so you won’t have to worry about any color transfer.

how to draw my hero academia: learn to draw my hero academia with 36 characters, 156 pages and drawings step by step

This complete guide is not only for coloring, but also to learn how to draw your favorite characters from my hero academia. Easy to follow guides are great for those looking to become the next great anime artist. learning from the best of the best is a great way to develop the style and technique used in anime and manga.

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fairy tail coloring book

This book by SasukeMontori is the quintessential coloring book for Fairy Tail characters and scenes. you will get more than 50 illustrations to color, which you can use both in pencil and markers. montori also made sure to include all the cute and cuddly creatures that appear in the series.

dragon ball z coloring art book

Widely considered one of the best anime series of all time, Dragon Ball Z’s intricate art style makes it an excellent coloring book. this book has scenes and characters from all installments of the series.

my hero academia coloring book: anime and manga coloring books for kids and teens

itto brings us another excellent my hero academia coloring book, this time with even more characters and scenes. it has close-up portraits of some of the characters and the quality of the paper is excellent for using felt-tip markers.

princess coloring book for adults: relaxing manga and anime coloring pages with beautiful princesses

even adults like to dream about real life from time to time. Royal themes of princesses, palaces, and pomp and circumstance have long been popular themes in anime. This book features several stunning original designs that aim to be both challenging and relaxing. many of these designs, once colored, are worthy of display.

101+ anime characters to color in – High quality coloring book with many anime characters you love

This giant book offers endless entertainment for any anime fan. If there’s a character you’re unfamiliar with, rest assured a friend or family member knows it and would love to color it.

A large number of designs in this book is ideal for families with anime fans looking to color together as a family.

pop manga mermaids and other sea creatures: a coloring book

this might be the best collection of camilla d’errico art yet. She brings her funky and eclectic art style to a fantastical underwater world, complete with adorable sea creatures. his stunning designs are a reminder that even anime and manga are capable of creating beautiful art.

Anime Coloring Book: Unique Asian themed coloring pages (with stuff related to Japanese cartoons)

This is another great book for those looking to pick up the art style of anime and learn how to draw anime themselves. features many cute and easy to follow illustrations of anime girls and scenes. It also uses a retro 80’s and 90’s anime style, which will be enjoyed by miyazaki fans.

sexy anime girls coloring book

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Anime is not without its moments of romance and seduction, and this coloring book caters to fans of anime’s edgier side. is a great value, with over 80 designs, created by an independent artist.

less stress, more anime

It has been shown that art can be monumental in reducing stress and helping people cope with life situations. More people than ever have turned to hair color as a way to deal with the stress of the pandemic.

Nowadays, people of all ages can enjoy coloring. If you’ve ever appreciated anime art, you’ll love these books. once you’ve colored them in, they’ll remain a treasured part of your collection for a long time.

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