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cherry adair is an award-winning, best-selling author from South Africa who enjoys writing romantic fiction novels. she is mostly famous for writing romance and suspense novels. Cherry started out as an interior designer before becoming a full-time author. she used her creative energy to great effect as an interior designer after first moving to san francisco. After a brief stint in her designer job, Cherry shifted her creative energy towards writing novels. She has successfully written the T-Flac, Lodestone and Cutter Cay’ series. The success of her novels allowed her to become a weekly US, New York Times and editorial bestselling author. She made her writing debut in 1994 with the publication of the first novel of her writing career. Cherry was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to the United States when she was in her early twenties. She settled in San Francisco and opened her interior design business. after a while, she started to get ideas about her own stories inspired by the voracious reading that she always liked to do. And before she went on to successfully write and publish her first novel, Ella Cherry had finished writing 17 books. She sold them all to the Harlequin publishing house in the year 1994. The -FLAC series written by her involves agents working in the fictional secret anti-terrorist force called T-FLAC. Her books in the series are categorized in the romantic thriller subgenre. With the help of the huge success that she gained thanks to her exciting novels, Cherry became one of the reigning queens of adventure romance novels. In addition to the romance genre, she also likes to write novels based on mystery & suspense and fiction genres. she says that she has always been an adventurer both in her writing career and in her life.

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as of today, author cherry adair lives in seattle, washington, united states. when she settled in san francisco, she found the city extremely beautiful and she was captivated by its elegance. she inspired her to start her interior design business. Ella Cherry Ella says that she really liked being an interior designer because it was very creative and varied, and also because she loved interacting and working with the public. her whenever she got some free time from her work schedule, she used it for voracious reading of her. After reading a considerable number of books, Ella Cherry began to develop characters and stories in her imagination. when she finally became a writer, she claimed that these imaginary stories demanded to be told and forced her to start a career as an author. Cherry is of the opinion that people can have affairs and romance in their lives together. but she knows that a loving and adventurous life is something totally different. she also says that her suspenseful romance novels bring a touching experience to her readers and make them happier. she therefore, she keeps entertaining them with exciting novels all the time. In addition to being a successful author, Cherry likes to keep herself busy with workshops. she teaches classes to young readers on the art of creative writing and writing about life. when someone asks her how to become an established author, she advises him to sit on her butt and keep writing and says there’s no other way to do it. she also recommends that writing is not a game for weepers and sissies. In addition to writing exciting novels, author Cherry Adair likes to spend time with her family at home. she used her corner desk to write novels, but she is attracted by the panoramic view of her gardens from her windows. This forces her to go out and play with her daughters. She has an office with built-in bookcases that can hold 3,500 books.

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the t-flac series written by the author cherry adair consists of a total of 16 novels published between the years 1994 and 2015. the initial novels of the series showed a secret anti-terrorist force that involves many agents who serve for security of his nation. One of the initial novels in the series was titled Kiss and Tell, which was published by Ballantine Book Publishing in 2000. The plot of the novel takes place in Montana and Marezzo. In the opening sequence of the novel’s plot, Marnie Wright and Jake Dolan are introduced as the main characters. Marnie is depicted as an adult girl along with her four siblings, who seemed to be overprotective of her. She is searching for a peaceful soul and ends up running into a mountain named Jake Dolan at her grandmother’s old cabin. The meeting takes place unexpectedly when Jake pulls a gun on Marnie thinking she has trespassed on her property. he hides her in her secret underground cabin, which is filled with security cameras and a huge arsenal. Soon, he realizes that Jake is in the military and on a top-secret mission. she is impressed by the way he talks and is attracted to his charm. But, Jake doesn’t want to give himself up to a relationship because of her mission. Furthermore, he doesn’t like the presence of women around him and doesn’t feel the need to have them. however, marnie wright was a sexy woman and any man could easily fall in love with her beauty. he realizes that if he gets close to her, her life will be in danger. The novel won the Critic’s Choice Award for Romantic Times in 2000 for Best Contemporary Romance Novel. this motivated author cherry to write a few more novels in the series.

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The next novel in the series was published under the title ‘hide and seek’. It was published by Ivy Books in 2001. The plot of this novel is set in Nicaragua and features the main characters Kyle Wright and Delanie Eastman. In the opening sequence of the novel’s plot, Delanie Eastman is introduced as the spoiled girlfriend of an international criminal. She is seen shoring up a remote mountain located in South America in search of her missing sister. she didn’t expect to see kyle wright there. Kyle and Delanie had a romantic relationship four years ago and therefore know each other very well. she seems to be scared and suspicious of kyle, as she sees him as the same man she knew. wondering what he was doing there, being away from her house, she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Kyle is on a secret mission of his own and he doesn’t want to let the unpredictable and beautiful Delanie ruin it. he plans to guide her out of the jungle to continue her plan without any problem. a single touch ignites the heady flame that burned inside her, igniting an arsenal of desire. her growing attraction could prove fatal to their lives as they were on the run playing a deadly game.

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