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steamy. heartbeats. panting. hot. Romantic. sexy. ellie masters has mastered the romantic, sexy, strong man genre. With several distinct series featuring the men women crave and the women men desire, his books deftly fill a genre that is hugely popular.

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mrs. The teachers’ experiences as a member of the military, he is a retired colonel, and his passion for sports and outdoor activities, such as scuba diving, hiking, and ATVs, bring authenticity and vividness to his writing that creates that true authenticity that makes the stories come alive for their readers.

in the angel fire series we are introduced to rock stars and the women who seek them. these big celebrities can have anything and any woman they want. More committed than groupies, these women can satisfy the strong physical needs within the fast and crazy lifestyle that a famous artist expects and needs.

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In “Heart’s Insanity” Ash “Blaze” Dean has had enough of the crazy life of fame, the constant parties, the endless shallow one-night stands. he is completely bored and tired of it and is looking for the only woman who can give him the full life he is ready to have. How can he find her when he’s surrounded by ladies who want him for who he is, not who he is?

he meets skye summers, a doctor who is involved in his professional life and her own survivor story, and when they meet, she has no idea who he is, no idea he’s a huge star with tons of fans. . he is intrigued because he has met a very intelligent and attractive woman who could appreciate him for himself and in whom she could also believe. he is surprised when she rejects his flirtations. he now he is ready for the chase. this won’t be easy.

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The Guardian HRS (Hostage Rescue Specialists) series is full of alpha men, action heroes, and rugged paramilitaries. this series comes with “trigger warnings” as it deals with situations where women are kidnapped, held hostage, and physically and psychologically threatened. each story is full of action, danger, and the possibility of happily ever after.

“rescuing melissa” launched the series “rescuing…”. Melissa is trying to put her history as the wife of a serial killer behind her. her life is thrown into danger and turmoil again when a new threat enters her life. the insane “prince charming” is killing to continue the work of her mentor, the murders melissa’s husband committed.

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CJ is on leave from his assignment as an Elite Hostage Rescue Specialist, a Guardian who has the specialist skills to save victims from the most dangerous situations. he and melissa will soon find each other after a disaster.

The series I want has a more romantic and lustful feel. these are stories of “strong, resilient, accomplished women” who can take care of themselves. however, it seems that they need to be rescued by an even stronger and more capable man who could be “the chosen one”. These are “strong women deserve strong men” stories.

“saving ariel” finds aiden just trying to live his life after losing his wife and raising his daughter as a single father. During a hurricane rescue, he and Ariel literally embrace and his body reacts instantly and viscerally. he does not expect this nor is he ready for this. he is not interested in love, romance and he is certainly not a hea. stormy weather and romance will prove otherwise.

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The Billionaire Boys Club is full of arrogant, selfish, fighting men. they take over and take what they want and what they want. it will take equally feisty women to put them in their place.

The three novels each feature a filthy rich playboy, a rowdy prince, and a successful financial businessman who is a loser in love. Every man has made serious mistakes in his relationships and keeps repeating them. until they meet the one woman who can show them the errors of his ways.

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the auction night series is co-written with mrs. teachers husband jet teachers. Mr. Masters is a popular writer on his own, on the same strong-man, sexy romance books. these books are sexually explicit, with an adult-only warning and a warning to keep them away from underage readers. they are written full of the themes and activities one expects in such stories.

The first, “Alexa the ties that unite: auction night”, dr. alexandria black is deeply involved with the hottest doctor on her staff. The doctor. Daniel Greyson, chief of surgery, is incredibly handsome and paid for his medical studies by “showing off his assets” by modeling men’s underwear. he graduated debt-free; he looks so good.

all the nurses on duty, and some men are hot for him too. but alex has the inside edge. she’s the one he sleeps with every night. she’s the one who comes to work with cute body parts, a lingering reminder of their hard night game together. they are at work now. the rules are different here. she is trying to figure out where she stands as they work closely together.

ms masters has written several independent novels in a variety of genres. includes erotic, sweet romance, science fiction, mystery, and psychological thriller novels. he has also contributed to a plethora of magazines and short story collections.

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