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fantasy meets romance and takes everything to a new level. romance of the era and between the two people go hand in hand making this opening chapter a joy to listen to in the voice of davina porter.

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Claire Randall, a lifelong thrill-seeker, finds more than she bargained for. her being a nurse in the army she has seen it all in her career and now she wants a break with her husband at the end of the second world war. the pair head out of the city to the lonely mountains where they can enjoy the pleasures of each other’s company, but a dramatic twist changes everything.

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Claire touches an ancient relic and finds herself in 1743. She first takes the whole scene as a dream, but then turns into a nightmare when she witnesses scenes of war in Scotland. With no way out, the soldier in it suggests the only solution for him, that is, join them and try to survive until a solution to his problem is found. a totally different culture is painted and in such detail that we can compare it with the history book related to that time.

Details were certainly needed because otherwise the whole scenario wouldn’t be as enthralling to the fans. it’s not intentional time travel that diana gabaldon describes and the lady whose life is disrupted in a big way she never wanted this to happen, that’s why we feel a little sorry for her bad fate. but the rest of the journey is her choice and leads us to dragonfly in amber, the second chapter of the series.

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the author lays the groundwork for the next part in the final chapter and it’s towards the end that we start to enjoy the era as claire, who seems ready to face whatever comes next. she is never seen to grieve over her loss, she shows a different personality that was never expected at first.

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