Lectures on russian literature

This volume offers insight inlớn Vladimir Nabokov as a reader & a teacher, và sheds new light on the relationship of his views on literary aesthetics to lớn the development of his own oeuvre. The essays included focus on the lectures on European & Russian literature that Nabokov gave at a number of American universities in the years between his arrival in the United States và the publication of Lolita. Nabokov’s treatment of literary masterpieces by Austen, Cervantes, Chekhov, Dickens, Flaubert, Gogol, Kafka, Joyce, Proust and Stevenson is assessed by experts on these authors. Contributors are: Lara Delage-Toriel, Ben Dhooge, Yannicke Chupin, Roy Groen, Luc Herman, Flora Keersmaekers, Arthur Langeveld, Geert Lernout, Vivian Liska, Ilse Logie, Jürren Pieters, Gerard de Vries.

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Ben Dhooge is professor of Russian Literature at Ghent University. His retìm kiếm focuses on early 20th century Russian literature, both Soviet and émigré. He has published on Andrey Platonov, Russian literary Modernism and early 20th century Russian émigré culture. Jürgene Pieters is professor of Literary Theory at Ghent University. He is the author of several books on the methodology of New Historicism and edited collections on the work of Roland Barthes, Catherine Belsey and Stephen Greenblatt.

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List of Contributors Introduction: Reading Nabokov Teaching Ben Dhooge and Jürgene Pieters

Part 1: FTeacher aước ao Authors

1 Nabokov’s Reflections on ‘Proust’s Prismatic People’ Yannicke Chupin 2 ‘The Author’s Pale Virgin Cheek’: Nabokov on Austen Luc Herman 3 Vladimir Nabokov on Don Quixote: ‘A Veritable Encyclopedia of Cruelty’ Ilse Logie 4 The Beetle và the Butterfly: Nabokov’s Lecture on Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis’ Vivian Liska 5 ‘As Flaubert Intended It to lớn Be Discussed’: Vladimir Nabokov & Jean Rousset on Madame Bovary Flora Keersmaekers

Part 2: Critic among muốn Critics

6 Nabokov on Joyce & Ulysses Geert Lernout 7 Gogol Seen through the Eyes of Nabokov Arthur Langeveld 8 On an Unhappy Marriage, Henry James, and Atoms: Vladimir Nabokov Reading (on) Anton Chekhov Ben Dhooge

Part 3: Author aao ước Authors

9 ‘Do Dogs Eat Poppies?’: When Nabokov Teaches Flaubert Lara Delage-Toriel 10 Of Words & Worlds: The Role of Proust’s Aesthetics in Nabokov’s Lectures on Literature Roy Groen 11 Vladimir Nabokov on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Gerard de Vries

Part 4: Epilogue

Afterword: (Flipping) Nabokov in the Classroom Jürgen Pieters Index
Speciadanh mục và general readership in Nabokov, literary theory & the teaching of literature. All interested in the work of the canonical authors involved & in discussions on the value of ‘great books’.

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Publisher: khudothi-kingbay.com Language: English Pages: Approx. 205 pp. & ills. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1163/9789004352872

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