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what is a pop-up book?

If you’ve ever dreamed of starring in your own story or wanted someone else to experience their own fantastical adventures, a personalized book is the ultimate addition to your collection or the perfect gift, as well as being completely unique. With a personalized book, you can choose the name of your main character, and that’s not all… you can also add other personal details such as personalized illustrations to match your protagonist, putting the icing on the cake of this literary gem! here at fabulastic, you don’t just choose the name, you also choose the look of your character to ensure your book is 100% personalized. it’s also 3d! the world’s first custom pop-up adventure. six languages, 12 avatars, endless dedication messages and a great adventure!

the world’s first personalized pop-up book.

fabulastic is the world’s first personalized pop-up book. Our love of pop-up books is matched only by our passion for personalized stories, which is why we came up with our own intricate magic trick to make our dream come true: creating 3D protagonists for amazing adventures.

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12 hand-drawn avatars are at your fingertips. You just have to choose your language, tell us the name of your little star and leave a dedication message to go to the beginning of this adventure. We’ll do the rest! because fabulastic is handmade with love for you and yours.

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personalized books.

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A personalized book is your best option for birthdays, Christmas, Easter or even as the first book in your library! children who read personalized books embark on an adventure where they are the protagonists, increasing their interest in reading and really drawing them into the plot. who would not want to be the protagonist of this incredible story? Plus, it’s not only a fabulous customization, but it’s also a screen-free 3D adventure! a 100% analog story with the ability to expose the little ones to all the fun of three dimensions, improving their motor skills without exposing them to blue light.

how can I personalize my child’s book?

with fabulastic, personalizing your child’s book is easy. just head over to once you’re there, select whether you want to personalize the book for a little boy or a little girl. each will give you six additional customization options so you can choose the avatar that most closely resembles your little one. skin and hair color are among the customizable features. In addition, to make this adventure even more colorful, the color of the protagonists’ clothes will also vary between books. It only remains to enter the name of your little one and write a brief dedication. your personalized book is ready. what a lucky little person!

Discover a world of adventure with our pop-up story.

The Fabulous Adventure was written by acclaimed children’s book author Susanna Isern, illustrated by renowned artist Esther Gili, and designed in 3D by paper architect Yoojin Kim. The story tells of your little one’s adventure when a mischievous little mouse steals his slipper and disappears through a trapdoor in his bedroom into a secret fox lair. starring different animals and natural environments, this is a story full of friendship, good intentions, empathy, and ingenuity.

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handmade and personalized children’s books.

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Here at fabulastic, the environment is one of our top priorities, which is why our story is not only inspired by the natural world, but we also try to have as little of a footprint as possible to ensure a safe and prosperous future. for the planet and her children. that’s why our books are made with certified paper, which means that the wood we use comes from forests managed according to the criteria of the forest stewardship council. In addition, they are handmade in Spain, which not only creates secure jobs, but also means that our assembly process has a low environmental impact.

what age are our 3d children’s books suitable for?

fabulastic is suitable for all types of readers, from young to old, including children from 6 to 12 years old, and not forgetting adults who also want to see their inner child experience exciting adventures. Thanks to the balance of text and images, you can read, narrate, watch, touch and even interact with Fabulastic, thanks to the movable tabs and all the secrets that lie within. So, if your goal is for your child to develop a passion for reading, feel free to take advantage of Fabulastic’s comprehension resources before letting them read independently. And don’t forget that today’s little readers will be tomorrow’s great readers!

home delivery of personalized children’s stories.

fabulastic can be yours in just a few clicks. Choose from the six available languages ​​and avatars, tell us the name of your protagonist and write a special dedication message. in a week you’ll have your adventure gift-wrapped, ready for your favorite little person to discover. We ship worldwide, including free shipping to the European Union (except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). express shipping to the eu costs €6.50 and international shipping costs us$15. You will be able to track your shipment at any time and, who knows, your package may go on its own adventure before it reaches your doorstep! Shall we check?

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