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All of us harbor a deep desire to be with someone special. When we meet that person who makes our heart skip a beat, life becomes more beautiful. These special person quotes prompt us to think about that one person who means the world to us.

Here is our selection of quotes for someone special.

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  • 1

    You’re blessed to have or have had someone special in your life.

  • 2

    Life is better than a dream when you’re with someone special.

  • 3

    It’s worth going that extra mile for someone special.

  • 4

    When we meet someone special, it feels like we’ve known them forever.

  • 5

    Someone special makes you realize how beautiful it is to be in love.

  • 6

    Someone special can help us experience new beginnings.

  • 7

    It’s wonderful to spend your life with someone special.

  • 8

    Loving and being loved by someone special is the most wonderful thing.

  • 9

    We forget our previous relationships when we meet someone who loves us.

  • 10

    That special someone loves you unconditionally.

  • 11

    Love that special someone unconditionally.

  • 12

    If you’re someone special for a person, you will be in their heart for life.

  • 13

    Your special person helps you realize what love truly is.

  • 14

    If you are special to someone, they will accept you as you are.

  • 15

    When it comes to someone special, you have no doubts.

  • 16

    Someone special is always on your mind.

  • 17

    Nothing compares to being loved by your special one.

  • 18

    You carry that special someone in your mind and heart.

  • 19

    One moment with someone special is enough to change us forever.

  • 20

    You can stay awake all night talking to someone special.

  • 21

    Life is amazing when your special person loves you back.

  • 22

    It’s wonderful to have someone special in your life.

  • 23

    That special person in your life is truly amazing.

  • 24

    The way someone special looks at you creates magic in your heart.

  • 25

    Your world will be brightened when someone special comes into it.

  • 26

    Only someone special can make you smile when you’re crying.

  • 27

    It’s worth telling someone special what they mean to you.

  • 28

    Never hesitate to tell someone special how important they are to you.

  • 29

    Your special someone makes a difference in your life.

  • 30

    The person special to you can always make you happy.

These special person quotes remind us of the importance that some people have in our lives. Life is incredibly beautiful when we get to share it with someone special. This person loves and supports us unconditionally. We are also able to do the same for them.

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