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Interested in reading some of the best books on spiritual enlightenment? Learning about spirituality is one of the best gifts you can give sầu yourself. It helps you lớn không lấy phí yourself from the shackles of a monotonous & mediocre existence into a flourishing, compassionate, fulfilling life full of love sầu.

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But spirituality is not a subject that you can tackle by yourself.

Studying spirituality means devouring all the books on the subject you can potentially find. This danh sách below is of the best books on spiritual enlightenment you can read in 2021.

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What is Spirituality?

Christimãng cầu Puchalski, MD, saysthat spirituality is the “aspect of humanity that refers lớn the way individuals seek và express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to lớn self, lớn others, khổng lồ nature, and khổng lồ the significant or sacred.”

Often, spirituality is about freeing yourself from society’s harsh judgments & your own limiting beliefs. Spirituality can help you understvà the world, understand yourself, and develop compassion for everyone around you.

And spirituality is a human concept & is studied around the world, và I vày believe sầu that it’s important to consume spiritual literature from a variety of places around the world lớn offer different perspectives (và yet, it’s amazing how similar many of the concepts are).

Many people find connectedness to lớn their environment by meditating, through giving to charity, writing, art, or by learning about themselves.

Personally, I love sầu learning as much as I can about the history of spirituality & religions, psychology, emotions, và science. Through my own spiritual journey, I find that I desire peace & balance, both for myself and for others.

As a frequent consumer of spiritualistic literature, I also find it important khổng lồ read books that allow lớn discover how you feel, nottell you how khổng lồ feel. One side effect of these discoveries may provide “relief from so much unhappiness” (The nguồn of Meditation).

Whether you’re looking for best spiritual books for beginners, best books on meditation and spiritual, books like Untethered Soul (on this list!), or the best books on religion và spirituality, you’ll find something on this danh sách to lớn get you started!

What is Spiritual Enlightenment or Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual enlightenment is a difficult concept to define. In essence, spiritual enlightenment or “spiritual awakening” is defined by a consistent awareness of the world, emotions, và motivations. And in this profound understanding, you feel nothing but love sầu in return.

Sri Avinash describes this feeling as a complete lachồng of being disturbed by anything. When the things that used khổng lồ upset or irk you, no longer vị, because you’ve reached a higher màn chơi of understanding, this is how you have sầu reached spiritual enlightenment.

(By the way, in the Buddhist tradition, the word “love” literally means “understanding”.)

How khổng lồ choose between these spiritual awakening books

There are 16 books in this các mục, & they are all different areas or subgenres, including general (for beginners), meditation-focused, religion-focused, & advanced studies. Even within those different topics, the readers of these books might have different needs.

Start by brainstorming a danh mục of what you’re looking to get from the book you read (this is especially important if you are a beginner!) Are you:

hoping for inner peace?looking for a more fulfilling life?want to lớn try meditation?hoping to learn more about religions?want to further your spiritual development?looking for nirvana?

These are going lớn make a difference as khổng lồ what book you decide to lớn piông chồng up.

Next, continue by reading through the descriptions of the best spiritual books and see what matches your particular needs. You may have a book that resonates with you.

Cheông xã out the Amazon descriptions & Đánh Giá. There were books that I excluded from this menu based on reviews that mentioned close-mindedness from the author. Similarly, there may be a review or mô tả tìm kiếm that turns you off.

Narrow your danh mục down và dive sầu in.

There’s no wrong way to lớn piông xã a book, but go with your intuition–it won’t steer you wrong!

Are you ready khổng lồ start your spiritual journey toward spiritual enlightenment? Let’s start reading, shall we?!

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Best Spirituality Books for Beginners


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide lớn the Fulfillment of Your Dreams, Deepak Chopra


Deepak Chopra is a spiritual guru & has been featured on Oprah… chances are, you know hyên already! He’s an author và alternative sầu healing advocate.

Feeling connected to our environment, slowing down, & observing our own energy can help us reach our true potential. Chopra encourages you to practice defenselessness, letting go of attachments, allowing your money lớn flow, & making conscious life choices, among muốn others when seeking spiritual enlightenment.

The great thing, he shares with us, is that our spiritual enlightenment can manifest as happiness, success, và living your best life.

Where in the World: Indian-AmericanBest Part: Excellent first introduction to spirituality


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide lớn Personal Freedom, Don Miguel Ruiz


Toltec were people who lived in Mexico before the Aztecs, và they had many teachings on spirituality. The Four Agreements focuses on applying their ideas to lớn our modern lives to lớn reach our own dreams và breaking free of the societal norms that push us (& our dreams) down.

This book is simplistic and can be a little repetitive, but can you blame the authors? They are attempting to lớn help adults break không tính phí of their limiting beliefs imposed on us by society, which has been shaping us inlớn submission since we are born.

Learn about the 4 Agreements that you make with yourself khổng lồ break free from the societal dream. I won’t cốt truyện what the 4 Agreements are, but believe me, you’ll reach a higher state of self & enlightened spirituality by reading this book!

Where in the World: MexicoBest Part: For those who wish lớn không tính phí themselves of the constraints và expectations of society

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New Earth: Awakening lớn Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle

I had read Tolle’s nguồn of Now a long time ago and followed it with A New Earth.

A New Earthpresents the possibility that, for the first time in our planet’s history, we canlead billions of people to lớn their spiritual journeys. He implores us to look at the current state of humanity, but also look at our potential for change. The potential is there for an overwhelming shift in consciousness to lớn help us make a more peaceful, balanced, loving world.

As a writer, Tolle presents his concepts in a simple and easy manner. In the book, he helps lead you, the reader, khổng lồ your own shift in consciousness. Unlượt thích some self-improvement books, Tolle does not offer tasks for the reader khổng lồ complete, but instead talks in terms of each person exploring their own inner và outer worlds to lớn discover their own life’s purpose.

This is an easy spirituality book for beginners khổng lồ read.

Where in the World: GermanyBest Part: Allows for reader exploration

The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present khổng lồ the Life You Have sầu, Mark Nepo

Like the other books in this “beginner” danh sách, The Book of Awakening helps lớn break down the social world as you know it so that you can begin lớn move toward a more conscious existence.

The lovely thing that sets this book apart from the others is by breaking into lớn 365 small portions that you slowly digest & meditate on each day. And it is meant to lớn be consumed that way: slowly & intentionally, khổng lồ underst& the meaning of each day’s thought and spiritual awakening of the author.

Don’t purchase this one if you’re hoping a quick introduction into lớn spirituality… instead, choose it if you would like to lớn take your time & make spirituality a regular habit and part of your life.

Where in the World: USABest Part: Extended study with 1 reflection each day for a year

Living Buddha, Living Christ, Thich Nhat Hanh

Althoughthis could be classified as a religious book, it primarily focuses on thespiritual components of Buddhist and Christian teachings, và the similaritiesin them.

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However, keep in mind that this book is not Christian or Buddhist although Hanh is Buddhist himself. When Hanh speaks of Christianity, it is not about the methodology, the rituals, the dogma, or any of the practices of Christianity the religion. Hanh quotes Jesus Christ và his disciples directly, và even uses the lesser known Gnostic Gospels from which khổng lồ draw information. Historically, this book is very interesting.

If you are a Christian, you might be a little wary of this book–don’t! Hanh’s goal is khổng lồ discuss the similarities of the two religions, not khổng lồ make you convert to Buddhism or to make you question your beliefs. He is very sensitive & factual, và with the turn of each page, I was pleasantly surprised.Inspirational và refreshing!

Where in the World: VietnamBest Part: Positive & sensitive sầu comparison of Christ & Buddha

Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, Sam Harris


Sam Harris is an uber-atheist.

I want to lớn get that out there before I throw you into lớn this one headfirst. Because it is important to examine how we look at spirituality in terms of religion, & how they exist separate of each other.

Waking Up brings a new & fresh perspective sầu on consciousness, meditation, và spirituality through science and xúc tích và ngắn gọn. (The author is a neuroscientist.) He speaks about meditation, but this is not a how-lớn guide on non-religious meditation. An intriguing read for those who are interested in religion và how it may (or may not) be spiritual in nature.

Where in the World: USABest Part: Non-religious perspective

Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love sầu, and Wisdom, Rick Hanson


Similar to Sam Harris above sầu, Riông xã Hanson is a neuropsychologist và has learned much about the brain during his time in his profession. There is a substantial amount of jargon in this book, but it’s all worthwhile because it helps lớn draw connections between Buddhism và Buddhist philosophy và the science of the brain.

It’s very intense stuff, but when thoroughly processed, can help lead you to inner peace, help you release your bao tay và anxiety, and learn lớn focus your mind. Rewire your brain lớn be more lượt thích Buddha’s!

Where in the World: USABest Part: In-depth look at the brain

Breathing Under Water : Spirituality and the Twelve Steps, Richard Rohr


This is an astounding combination of concepts. Richard Rohr takes the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous và transforms them inlớn a spiritual journey as a Christian.

There are people drowning in addiction who may not even know it. Are you addicted khổng lồ work? Addicted khổng lồ your beliefs và convictions? Addicted to lớn judging others? Breathing Under Water can help you connect with God, không tính tiền yourself from your addictions, & live sầu with an intense compassion for others.

Where in the World: USABest Part: Christian spirituality as seen through the lens of a recovering alcoholic

Tao Te Ching: A New English Version, Lao Tzu

Written by Lao Tzu, a famous Chinese teacher, philosopher, và writer that lived sometime around the 5th century BC, his Tao Te Ching is a central text of Taoism.

Taoism is all about living in harmony with “The Way”… nature, human nature, the natural flow of life. The Tao Te Ching is a poem, & it’s translated from old Chinese, so it’s not an easy read. Take your time with this one, và enjoy some of the amazing quotes like:

When you are content khổng lồ be simply yourself và don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.

Nature does not hurryyet everything is accomplished.

Where in the World: ChinaBest Part: Realizing that the human race has been studying và writing about spirituality for thousands of years (before Christ)

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The Best Books on Spiritual Enlightenment Through Meditation

Real Happiness: The Power nguồn of Meditation, Sharon Salzberg

One of my cousins recommended this book to lớn me. Salzberg, the author, talks in the future tense: this is what you willfind/discover/receive sầu with meditation. She takes great care khổng lồ make sure that the reader is willing to lớn put in the work to lớn get there.It begins with a brief introduction to meditation, what it is và why khổng lồ try it, but quickly evolves inkhổng lồ much more.

She focuses on the few things you will need for meditation và expands upon them–namely concentration & breath.. When your meditation derails, Salzberg has a suggestion for it. Her FAQ sections are very comprehensive and covers just about any issue you might run inlớn when you try to lớn meditate.

For those looking for an unobtrusive sầu book into the spiritual world, begin within yourself, through meditation.

Where in the World: USA (Jewish)Best Part: Excellent introduction to lớn meditation

I’ve Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life


Another “bite-sized” pieces kind of book, I’ve been thinking is a warm và uplifting book by writer Maria Shriver. With a big focus on compassion & giving khổng lồ others, this book is meant to lớn help give small bits of wisdom in a gentle và forgiving manner.

The book is broken into lớn subjects lượt thích aging, change, love, và many more. If you’re in need of uplifting and some inspiration, this is your book. xuất hiện it with hygge in mind: a warm cup of tea, a blanket on your lap, & a piece of decadent dark chocolate.

Where in the World: USABest Part: Written with grace, warmth, gratitude, compassion, and gifts of giving.

Journey khổng lồ the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path khổng lồ Freeing Your Soul, Melody Beattie


Once again we see the spiritualistic theme of freeing your soul in Journey to the Heart. With daily reflections và meditations, this book is another that helps you develop a daily spiritual practice.

Melody Beattie has more of an agenda than the book above sầu, with reflections that are deeper than just khổng lồ motivate, but also lớn help you grow, connect with others, and renew your journey deep within yourself. Healing and insightful, choose this book for emotional personal growth.

Where in the World: USABest Part: Finding a new way lớn live through hope and joy

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How khổng lồ Lose Your Mind & Create a New One, Dr. Joe Dispenza


This book has broadened my mind và spirit in a way that I was unprepared for. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a neuroscientist and meditation guru who uses brain research (like Riông chồng Hanson và Sam Harris above) to show scientific evidence as lớn how meditation works.

His specialty is helping others with neuroplastiđô thị (rewiring their brains) through meditation, emotions, & building new habits. This can help us build a new future for ourselves… one filled with compassion, love sầu, and peace.

The concepts in this book (as well as his others) are definitely “out there”, but if you’re looking for a methodology khổng lồ apply your spirituamenu practices, this is a great one!

Where in the World: USABest Part: Applies meditation practices khổng lồ your spiritual journey.

You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment, Thich Nhat Hanh

Fromthe very start, Thich Nhat Hanh presents us with a premise: Happiness & PeaceAre Possible. It seems like a grand presumption!

Through his words, he presents us with the opportunity lớn be the maker of our own destinies (though I’m sure he would not Gọi it that) và mold happiness và peace out of the garbage of our past and our negative sầu emotions.

As a Buddhist, he speaks in terms of Buddhism, but have sầu no fear—he presents these in the most non-threatening, gentle way possible. As in the last book, the reader is guided through meditation, though Hanh calls it “mindfulness of breath” instead.

Hanh offers explanations, stories, và analogies to help the reader open up their world to their own experiences và “suffering,” as he calls it. This is not an introductory book! You must read this book with an open mind!

Where in the World: VietnamBest Part: A buddhist book in nature, You Are Here can help you overcome suffering

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, Michael A. Singer

By far the best book of spiritual enlightenment!

This book is quite a bit more in-depth & should probably not be your first step into the world of spirituality. As someone who regularly reads spiritual books, I was surprised to find some different concepts in this one.

This book combines psychology (without all the terms & jargon) và Buddhism inlớn a masterpiece of self-exploration. This self-exploration ends with the dissolution of the self và an embrace of all things gentle and loving towards others. Singer even admits that it may be painful to lớn look so deeply inlớn your psybít & soul–but that the relief, happiness và joy you experience when you get lớn the other side is the greathử nghiệm gift you could ever give sầu yourself.

This is truly the best book on spiritual enlightenment!

Where in the World: USABest Part: EVERYTHING (if you’re experienced with spirituality)


So what bởi you think? You don’t have to lớn be a hippie or buddhist khổng lồ appreciate these books, và I highly recommkết thúc Christians to read “Living Buddha, Living Christ” because of the similarities between the religions and their leaders.

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These best books on spiritual enlightenment can help us not only achieve peace and relief from our suffering, but also help us build a healthier, more sustainable world.

I hope you find some spiritual development from these books & find yourself a little more connected to lớn your fellow humans!

What are your favorite books for a spiritual journey?

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