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Did you know that an incredible day is coming, and it is unique, on 02/22/2222? And the best thing is that the day of 2 falls on a Tuesday! Can you think of a better day to celebrate all things two and Tuesday? and I even included some pretty amazing outfits of two friends. Here is a list of fun books to celebrate the day of the two.

Below is a list of books that are perfect for the day of the 2.

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I also share all these books on video! watch the read aloud book video for day 2 on my youtube channel.

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two of everything by: lily toy hong

two of everything is a fun story with a great twist to celebrate the day of the 2. mrs. and mrs haktak lived a simple life until mr. haktak stumbles upon a magic pot. discover that the pot can make two of everything! but, this story takes a turn of events when mrs. haktak falls. is a funny and silly story that will lead to great debates. ask your students what they would put in the pot? And a great way to incorporate math concepts!

two bad ants by: chris van allsburg

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two bad ants is a nice story told from the perspective of an ant. the ants go to look for food at a human’s house, but decide to go on a little adventure. my favorite part of this story is that the images are shown from the ant’s perspective, allowing for a totally different point of view. a fun story of two ants for the day of the 2!

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tuesday by david wiesner

Tuesday is one of my favorite wordless picture books. and the day of 2 is a very unique Tuesday similar to this story. It’s not just any Tuesday night, and this one is full of magic and flying frogs. the artwork is amazing and will captivate your students. and wordless picture books allow for excellent discussion and interpretation. Be sure to check out my post that goes a little deeper into how to use picture books without words.

happy noise by: paul fleischman

joyful noise is a book of poems but poems in two voices. it is a unique reading experience in which two voices come and go. an excellent activity for pair work, and these poems are very interesting. I love how they are funny, smart and full of information about insects. this is definitely great to celebrate the day of the 2!

dragons love tacos 2 by: adam rubin

dragons love tacos 2 is a great way to not only celebrate Tuesday, but also one of my favorite days of the week, Taco Tuesday! this sequel includes dragons, tacos, time travel and some shenanigans. what could not be loved? it’s a fun book with dragons missing tacos so much, but will they bring them back? you’ll definitely want to include this book in your read-aloud rotation.

henry and mudge by: cynthia rylant

henry and mudge is definitely a throwback to many of us. and henry and mudge are two of my favorites. this duo have a special bond and meet with great adventures. I thought, what better way to celebrate the day of the 2 than with some of the best couples? this set is great for character development as this series allows you to grow with the characters.

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zoey and sassafras by: asia citro

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zoey and sassafras is a new series of chapter books. yet another awesome kid and pet duo, but these two love all things science. is a great series of chapter books to introduce to your students, and I love how they incorporate aspects of the scientific method to help their students better understand these concepts.

elephant & piggie by: mo willems

elephant & piggie might be my favorite duo. I mean, how can you not love them? they are hilarious and appeal to the younger crowd. These two are best friends who are goofy and will definitely make their students laugh. but don’t forget to bring out your best reading voice to really bring out these goofy characters. again, another series that is perfect for younger readers.

frog and toad by: arnold lobel

frog and toad is an iconic duo, nostalgic for many of us. the frog and toad celebrate friendship and remind us of the importance of having companions. if you haven’t introduced this series to your students yet, then day 2 might be a perfect time.

what book are you going to read to celebrate the day of the 2?

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