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There is nothing like homemade bread. that relaxed feeling you get from kneading dough, that delicious baking smell wafting through the house, and the satisfying feeling you get from sharing your own soft, chewy bread with family and friends.

Bread has existed for millennia and was vital for the development of human societies. First made in the Middle East after the domestication of wheat, there is ample evidence of bread making in ancient Egypt. The idea of ​​a free-standing oven that could be preheated to bake bread seems to have originated with the Greeks. even then there was a variety of different types of breads; most ancient Greek bread was made from barley blossom. Classical authors describe all kinds of different breads and pastries, from honey-oil bread to mushroom-shaped loaves topped with poppy seeds. the bread’s versatility has contributed to its longevity and the food has gained importance in many different cultures and religions. its importance in the domestic setting has also seen its name loaned to phrases such as “bread winner” and “putting bread on the table” to convey the need for basic necessities.

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If you’re thinking of starting to bake your own bread and wondering where to start, the basic science of bread making is pretty simple, but if you want to take your bread to the next level, a good bread-making book. kitchen is a must. The best bread baking books are full of simple tricks to improve your baking that will soon become second nature if you learn them from scratch. Breadmaking is an ancient skill, passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, so there’s something very satisfying about feeling connected to the bakers who came before you.

Not sure which bread baking book to buy? we’ve put together a list of the best on the market today.

my bread

my bread: the revolutionary method without labor or kneading, offers homemade bread in its simplest form. Written by jim lahey, founder of sullivan street bakery and inventor of the “no knead” method, these recipes require only 5 minutes of real work. it’s a great place to start for true beginners, but not for those who prefer bread making to be a little more hands-on.

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my bread: the revolutionary no-work, no-knead method is available to buy on amazon.

josey bakery bread

Josey Baker Bread is a beginner’s guide to sourdough from San Francisco baker Josey Baker, whose shop shares the same name as his book. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the recipes increase in difficulty as you progress through the book, so you can start with the basics and work your way up to more complicated recipes, like Josey’s favorite dark mountain rye.

josey baker bread is available to buy on amazon.

the baker’s apprentice

A fifteenth anniversary update to the bestselling and multi-award winning original, The Baker’s Apprentice is written by Peter Reinhart, co-founder of Brother Juniper’s Bakery and a key figure in the artisan bread movement. This book has it all, from clear instructions on the twelve stages of bread making, to master formulas for making classic breads including pizza dough, bagels, ciabatta, and challah.

The Baker’s Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread is available to purchase on Amazon.

flour water salt yeast

new york times bestseller, flour, water, salt and yeast is another multi-award winning book, this time written by acclaimed portland baker ken forkish. a large selection of artisan breads and pizzas, with levels of difficulty suitable for both beginners and experts.

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flour water salt yeast: the basics of artisan bread and pizza is available to buy on amazon.

break bread

Breaking Bread: A Baker’s Journey Home in 75 Recipes is part cookbook, part story of self-discovery, so if you like a cookbook with a personal touch, this might be it. indicated for you. Written by martin phillip, a new york financier turned baker, the book is divided into sections featuring recipes and stories related to each of the places the author has lived, and there are also a useful technical section. with clear and accessible instructions.

Breaking Bread: A Baker’s Journey Home in 75 Recipes is available to purchase on amazon.

bread: a book of techniques and recipes for the baker

now in its third edition, jeffrey hamelman’s bread: a book of techniques and recipes for bakers has been hailed as a “masterpiece of bread baking literature” and received the julia award child for Best First when it was first published in 2004. The book features more than 130 formulas for different types of bread, along with an international contributors section featuring recipes from five different continents.

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bread: a book of techniques and recipes for bakers is available to buy on amazon.

gluten-free artisan bread in five minutes a day

Gluten-free artisan bread in five minutes a day, by jeff hertzberg and zoë françois, is the continuation of their best-selling artisan bread in five minutes a day. The book features 90 recipes for different types of gluten-free bread, many of which are adaptations of popular artisan bread recipes. There’s also a helpful section on the types of gluten-free flours you can use and instructions on how to make your own master flour recipe.

Gluten-free artisan bread in five minutes a day is available to buy on Amazon.


Sourdough: Recipes for Rustic Sourdough Breads, Sweets, Flavors and More, from award-winning Brooklyn baker sarah owens, is a comprehensive guide to the world of naturally leavened baking. With 101 recipes and clear instructions on how to make a healthy entree from scratch, this book goes beyond bread to show how homemade entrees can be used in cookies, cakes, pies, and more.

Sourdough: Recipes for Rustic, Sweet, Savory Sourdough Breads and More is available to purchase on amazon.

tart bread

tartine bread is written by legendary sourdough baker chad robertson, co-founder of san francisco tartine bakery. excellent for people who like to understand the science behind baking, this book can be a bit technical at times, but the results are worth it.

tartine bread is available to buy on amazon.

bread revolution

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Our second book from award-winning author peter reinhart, bread revolution, focuses on new developments in breadmaking, including recipes that use sprouted flours, whole and ancient grains, nut and seed flours gluten-free, allergy-friendly alternative flours and approaches. With clear descriptions that demystify the baking process, this book is great for those new to alternative breads, but can be a bit advanced for beginners.

bread revolution: world-class baking using whole and sprouted grains, traditional flours and fresh techniques available for purchase at penguin random house.

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the hot bread kitchen cookbook

the hot bread kitchen cookbook, by jessamyn waldman rodriguez and julia turshen, is a selection of multi-ethnic bread recipes from the bakers of the kitchen New York Hot Bread Bakery, a bakery that employs and empowers immigrant women. With a diverse selection of recipes, including enriched breads, shells, bialys, m’smen flatbreads, and naans, this book is ideal for anyone interested in breads from around the world.

the hot pan kitchen cookbook: artisan pastries from around the world are available to buy on amazon.

living bread

Living Bread is a James Beard Award-winning book by Daniel Leader, founder of the iconic Solo Artisan Bakery. Part history, part cookbook, Living Bread examines the evolution of breadmaking through the ages and the innovations that helped shape it. There are also some great recipes, including vegan brioche and chocolate sourdough babka.

living bread: tradition and innovation in the elaboration of artisanal bread available to buy on amazon.


If you want to learn more about bread making, check out our article on the history of bread for fascinating insights into one of mankind’s oldest traditions. Or why not try some of these very different bread recipes from around the world?

carasau bread is a simple and delicious flatbread from the Italian island of Sardinia. Made with just three ingredients (flour, yeast, and salt), carasau is a chewy, crunchy, paper-thin bread that tastes delicious simply served, with a drizzle of olive oil, or with fresh tomatoes and oregano.

Follow this authentic recipe from the simili sisters to make traditional Italian bread, using a homemade starter. make your dough into smaller shapes or into a large, crusty loaf.

This Australian moist bread is traditionally fermented with soda and cooked over the embers of a fire. The buffer was made by early European settlers and is believed to be based on pan de monte, a recipe used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

Bread lovers with a sweet tooth will love this Easter almond bread. A home-baked, golden-brown loaf with a swirl of sweet almond paste running through the center makes it the perfect Easter treat.

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