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You can’t go through English literature and not find Carolina Graham’s name. She was born in Warwickshire, England and studied at the Open University of Birmingham. the first years of her professional life were spent as an actress, stage director and later as a radio announcer. She then commits herself to writing great literary works and lately she has been writing for the telenovela Crossroads.

She is best known for her most popular series, Chief Inspector Barnaby. this is a combination of seven books focusing on mystery fiction. they expose crimes that are committed by undercover individuals. they focus primarily on murder. Detective Barnaby and his sergeant are involved in the investigations of this series that reveal more about the society and it is wonderful to continue reading.

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barnaby is a man dedicated to his work and happily married to joyce barnaby. he is gifted with a great instinctive power of observation which he uses to uncover what lies behind many mysteries in the series. he is good at enlightened policing and loves his job.

in the murders in badger’s drift, we see an elderly spinster, emily simpson, who dies and her body is discovered one morning after someone knocks on her door. she before is surprised by something that she witnesses and worries a lot. however, the worry goes unexplained until the story ends near the end, when barnaby exposes it all.

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After the discovery of his death, Barnaby and Troy come to investigate. she suspects that she has been murdered and they decide to track her last movements and scrutinize the last people she communicated with before meeting her death. it is known that she last called the helpline, but what did she say? she is “just like anabella”.

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The villagers are interviewed and among them, the less close couple of lesiters, their daughter judy and dennis rainbird and their mother. miss bellringer comes out to insist that her friend emily had not died of a heart attack as the doctor on stage claims. the autopsy also agrees that she was murdered. What is she? The evidence is that the mixture of hemlock and wine found in the now-dead Emily’s system proves it all.

As fear and anguish strike the town, murder strikes again. this time it’s the rain birds that die-mrs. rainbird and his son dennis. lightning strikes twice? the detectives solve the matter. it is discovered that the previous murder is related to the current one. the rainbirds’ character of blackmail and espionage is finally brought to light by the books that the detectives find in their cabin.

Michael Lacey is arrested but in the cells, he claims that he had been with Judy when the rainbird murder occurred and is released. another suspect, phyllis caddell, commits suicide and this worries barnaby. It takes a great deal of wisdom and extensive observation on Barnaby’s part to discover what Emily’s “same as Anabella” statement meant.

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the death of a hollow man is another title that involves chief inspector barnaby. he attends an amateur production of amadeus with his wife. With his meticulous eyes, he watches an actor substituting a real knife for the supposed fake knife to kill another on stage!

We are introduced to many actors like essyln carmichael who is a cocky womanizer. Esslyn dies at the hands of Barnaby’s Sgt. Gavin Troy backstage. We’re exposed to Joyce Barnaby’s constant joke that she can’t cook, but in due time from her, the surprise of it all is that even Barnaby’s friends can now kill!

The detective continues to investigate why all this happened. he comes up with a plausible explanation for the web murder which seems intriguing and confuses everyone in town. Other crimes discovered by Barnaby include adultery, dramatic jealousy, and ambition and treason.

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He diligently investigates the matter only to uncover various dark passions and hidden crimes including the murder of Agnes Grey, a former linguist who is found drowned after a violent attack. deidre tibbs is another character that makes people find a new meaning of “corpsing”. This happens after Winstanley’s murder. The story unravels as the incredible detective comes up with solutions to all the remaining murder mysteries in town

You can’t wait to read about passionate love scenes, showing the ego and jealousy that are artistically displayed in the story. The scenes put together make what might be seen as acting drama by the Causton Amateur Dramatic Society real and reasonable.

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have you ever seen the tv series -midsomer murders? is where you go through the episodes of the series and you like it. it’s so sensational you won’t want to miss the show. It is a whole that is the sum of the parts of the books in the Chief Inspector Barnaby series. the badger drift murders and the death of a hollow man are part of it. In the TV series, you can see the DCI veteran and his sergeant investigating murders in the Midsomer County regions.

It’s no wonder The Badger Drift Kills won the Anthony Award in 1989 and also ranked in the top 100 crime novels of all time as named by the Crime Writers Association. the death of a hollow man who has left his mark on itv is a successful book in the series.

The other books written by Caroline Graham include Written in Blood, Death in Disguise and A Safe Place. They can be good for lovers and disinterested readers alike!

this series is nice to read, the main character is always there to provide solutions to the warm hearts of other characters. the way the episodes are woven is artistic. it is much more valuable than the bank check that one will roll through the books. if you haven’t read about them, now you know about them and you can get copies for yourself and enlighten yourself in the world of literature.

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