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Last Updated August 11, 2022 Sandra Brown’s books in reading order consist of her numerous stand-alone novels. as such, they can be read in whatever order she prefers.

sandra brown is, in my opinion, the queen of the romantic suspense genre. I have been reading her books for the last 30 years and have never been disappointed by any of them. the author definitely knows how to appeal to our emotions, as she infuses her books with the action and suspense she so badly needs. With over 70 novels written to date, Sandra Brown has definitely earned her place among the best of the best in this genre.

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Here are Sandra Brown’s books in publication order of her romantic thrillers (contemporary romance novels are not listed here). since they are all stand-alone novels, you can of course read them in any order you choose.

sandra brown’s new book

books by sandra brown in publication order and reading order

  • best kept secrets, 1989
  • mirror image, 1990
  • breath of scandal , 1991
  • French silk, 1992
  • where there is smoke, 1993
  • farce, 1994
  • the witness, 1995
  • exclusive, 1996
  • < li fat Tuesday, 1997

  • unspeakable, 1998
  • the alibi, 1999</li
  • confrontation, 2000
  • change, 2000
  • envy, 2001
  • the crush, 2002
  • hello, darkness, 2003
  • red hot, 2004
  • cooling factor, 2005
  • rebound, 2006
  • play dirty, 2007
  • smokescreen, 2008
  • crushing cut, 2009
  • rainwater, 2009
  • hard customer, 2010
  • lethal, 2011
  • low pressure, 2012
  • deadline, 2013
  • average run, 2014
  • friction , 2015
  • sting, 2016
  • see red, 2017
  • swooping, 2018
  • outfox, 2019
  • thick as thieves, 2020
  • blind tiger, 2021
  • excess, 2022

Sandra BrownSandra Brown Biography

sandra brown was born in 1948 in waco, texas. she grew up in forth worth and majored in english literature at texas christian college in fort worth. Sandra grew up surrounded by a family love of books, her mother being an avid reader and her father a newspaper editorialist. Therefore, Ella Sandra Brown was first a great book lover before she became an author.

in 1968 she dropped out of college to marry michael brown, a former television news anchor who produced the multi-award winning television documentary dust by dust. Currently, as a lifelong Texan, she lives with her husband in Arlington, Texas.

Like many authors, before becoming a full-time writer, Sandra Brown worked several jobs. She worked for KLTV in Tyler as a meteorologist, after which she returned to Fortworth to work as a reporter for WFAA, basically in the media, for the ABC affiliate in Dallas.

When she was fired from her job as a meteorologist at a television station in Dallas along with many other people, that’s when her husband gently pushed her to become a writer. he told her that she now has a lot of free time and that it is time to follow her dream of becoming an established author. getting fired from her job was the silver lining of her life, giving her the opportunity to become what he was meant to be.

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Her first book was published in 1981 under the title Love’s Encore, which she wrote under the pseudonym Rachel Ryan. her over the years she also wrote under the names laura jordan and erin st. clear.

So far she has written more than 70 books, including romance novels, historical romance novels, and most notably suspense/thriller romance novels. her first romantic thriller novel was written in 1988 under the title slow heat in the sky. It was also the first book I read by Sandra Brown.

Her books have been in print eighty million copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 30 languages ​​to date.

She has an honorary doctorate in humane letters from Texas Christian University and was at one time president of the Mystery Writers of America.

For her books, the author has received several awards, including the American Business Women’s Association’s Distinguished Circle of Success, America’s Romance Writers Lifetime Achievement Award, B’s Distinguished Literary Achievement Award, ‘nai b’rith, the texas medal of the arts award for literature and the american romance writers lifetime achievement award, and the a. c. green award. The author is a member of the Authors Guild, International Crime Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America, Novelists, Inc. and literacy partners.

In 2011, author Sandra Brown went on a USO tour of Afghanistan with four other colleagues, including Clive Cussler, Mark Bowden, Kathy Reichs, and Andrew Peterson. the group went to meet the brave soldiers fighting in afghanistan and to thank the troops for their service. All of these authors have written military mysteries and thrillers.

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So, when he went home and started thinking about his next book, he had several ideas about civilians coming back from the trenches with post-traumatic stress disorder. So her next novel, Deadline, introduces the main character, Dawson Scott, a news magazine journalist who covered the war in Afghanistan and went home with PTSD. Sandra Brown got some of the ideas in his book from his trip to that country’s war zone.

He also gets a lot of his ideas from a character he visualizes in his mind.

sandra brown writes about one novel a year (they usually come out just in time for summer vacation, which makes for wonderful beach reads). A favorite novel by Sandra Brown is called Seeing Red, published in 2017.

The book features a journalist (a theme that recurs in Sandra Brown’s books) and John Trapper, a former ATF agent. When an old photo resurfaced with Kerra Bailey, the journalist and father of John Trapper, all hell broke loose. not only that, but someone didn’t want the photo to be given too much attention because of something that happened 25 years ago. in fact, he wants it buried so badly that he’s willing and able to kill for it.

The book is a suspenseful romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. But then again, Sandra Brown’s books tend to do that to readers. so when you start it, or any other sandra brown book, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to read, because once you start, it’s not that easy to put her books down.

Sandra Brown’s 2018 book Swoops, released August 2018. It features Rye Mallett, a charter pilot who has no qualms about taking dangerous transportation jobs when others avoid making these trips. this last trip, however, takes place during extremely bad weather and the cargo is also somewhat strange. especially when rye is shot and nearly killed as he lands.

enter dr. brynn o’neal, who claims the shipment is actually hers, and who gives rye a really weird vibe. Can he trust her, and will trusting her lead to any good, or just complete deception of her?

Sandra Brown’s latest novel, again a stand-alone story, features FBI agent Drex Easton, who is on the hunt for a chameleon, con man Weston Graham, who keeps avoiding him. When he finally reaches out to catch him, Drex poses as the couple’s neighbor Jasper Ford and Talia Shafer, where he suspects that Jasper is, in fact, Weston Graham. but how about the beautiful talia? Is she accomplished or just an innocent person who could become Weston’s next victim?

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