Read Spanish stories online FREE with audio options too!

read Spanish stories online for free with audio options too!

Are you looking for stories in Spanish for children online? Below you can find links to resources where you can find and read Spanish short stories online.

Many of these options offer free Spanish stories for children, some have an update or subscription.

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These sites can be useful for offering exposure to Spanish through books, as well as exposure to folklore and language variations from some native Spanish-speaking countries.

where to find spanish stories online

As online book reading has become more popular, there has been an increase in the number of YouTube channels and websites dedicated to online book reading.

We previously published an article on where you can find free books online where most of the options were in English with some options for multilingual books. you can find that publication here: free children’s books online.

In this post, we specifically offer options for online Spanish stories for kids, here are our top picks.

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1. scholastic story book treasures youtube channel

the scolastic youtube channel features many of the books your child may already be familiar with. us school libraries uu. They use school books and their classics are also available in Spanish here too.

There are animated versions of 29 books with sound effects and music, giving you the option of showing the story to your child or using it as an audio book. is an excellent website where you and your child can read Spanish stories online. see website

2. maguare (colombian ministry of culture)

maguaré is part of a Colombian government project to offer young children the opportunity to explore, learn and imagine through books, music and games. This website is in Spanish and offers free online Spanish books for children.

Although the content may be advanced for Spanish learners, it is a great resource for exposing children to the folklore and culture of one of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. each story in Spanish offers the option to be read online, or download the book in pdf format in the form of coloring pages, or in full color. see website

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3. united for literacy

United for Literacy is another great site to find free online Spanish children’s books. is a project that offers free illustrated books made digitally for children. About a quarter of its 400 titles are written and narrated in Spanish by native speakers.

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are simple narratives (no sound effects or music) presented as an image (or illustration) and text side by side. all Spanish short stories online include the audio option, but you have to click that option every time you go to the next page. see website

4. libby app

if you are in the usa. In the US, this app is a great place to find free Spanish stories for kids to read online. This app gives you access to available e-books and audiobooks from a large number of public libraries in the United States, including their selection of titles in Spanish.

all you need is a library card issued by a public library and the app. you can log in to multiple libraries, with one or more cards for each library, and download books and audiobooks for offline reading, or streaming to a secure space. check the website

5. audible

Another great option for finding Spanish stories to read online is Audible, which is an Amazon subscription service ($14.95 per month). offers a wide variety of Spanish audiobooks online to stream along with other different languages ​​as well.

During the pandemic, the company created Story Help to offer free access to stories for kids while schools are closed. its selection of stories in Spanish online for that service includes 159 titles. a great place to find short stories in spanish and also other books in spanish online. see website

6. epic

epic is a paid membership ($7.99 per month) digital library for children 12 and under. offers a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books and collections, organized by subject, reading level, language and age, and quizzes. option.

includes a good number of books in Spanish with a smaller selection of titles to read, but is definitely a great option for parents looking to increase exposure to Spanish. the read to me option can be adjusted to highlight words as they are read. see website

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7. stories to tell

This website offers original Spanish stories online read by a variety of native Spanish speakers from Argentina. are free audiobooks with sound effects and music, created for children ages 4 and up.

Each story in Spanish online includes the option to read the story or listen to the audio. The stories also include a list of questions for parents to use as a reading comprehension activity. check the website

8. the spanish experiment

Another fantastic site to read Spanish short stories online for free is The Spanish Experiment, which offers a collection of classic short stories narrated in Spanish by native Spanish speakers.

offers the option to watch the video (illustrations with narration and subtitles without sound effects or music) or read the story with the same illustrations as the video. It also offers the English translation by paragraphs which is very helpful. See website

9. the cabin of the fable

This is a sister website to the Spanish experiment above. It offers almost the same short stories in Spanish available in the Spanish experiment but with slightly more interactive videos that include background music and slow narration for Spanish learners.

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you can enjoy some extra features with a paid membership option ($19 US per year for family use and $59 US per year for schools) see website

10. miguel de cervantes virtual library

This Spanish virtual library has been recognized internationally for the high quality of its content. offers free access from any country to a rich selection of classic Spanish literature, including 20 classic Spanish stories for children, narrated by native Spanish speakers from Spain.

each title includes the text of the story and a video of the narration in sign language. narration does not include music, sound effects, illustration or animation. see website

11. read with me

read me is another great site where you can find free stories in Spanish for children. its mission is to promote bilingual literacy and the site was created to provide teachers and parents with free resources to help encourage children to read.

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You’ll need to register to access the stories, but there’s no fee. kids will love Spanish stories online. see website

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benefits of reading stories in Spanish to children?

Whether you’re a native Spanish speaker or Spanish is your second language, there are many benefits of reading to children, and it’s important to instill a love of reading in them early on.

  • reading stories in Spanish to your children will improve and expand their vocabulary.
  • short stories in Spanish are excellent bedtime stories for little ones.
  • the stories and fables in Spanish can be expanded. your child’s imagination.
  • reading together every day helps you bond with your child.
  • reading traditional stories in Spanish can teach children about your background or where are they.

Stories in Spanish online

If you’re looking to increase your child’s exposure to Spanish and don’t have access to physical books in Spanish, these online sites are a great option. These great sites make it easy to find many Spanish short stories and other Spanish children’s books online at any time.

Many of the online children’s Spanish stories on these sites have audio, so children can listen to the stories, even if you’re too busy to read much to them. set them to audio while you cook dinner or do things around the house.

For children who can read independently, but not fluently, you can play the audio and they listen to the story and read it.

Fluent readers will be able to browse most of these sites independently and read the stories online in Spanish themselves. there is a great choice!

Let us know if you know of other websites that offer free Spanish stories for children!

Looking for more online Spanish resources? Check out our free lessons in our Spanish for Kids series. Be sure to join our online community group for Raising Bilingual Children in Spanish, where we discuss this topic daily.

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