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When I started this page on my site, I didn’t imagine that so many novels would be published. With multiple book series and a variety of novels and short stories, the list has gotten pretty long. I’m updating this today in May 2021, so it should have all the novels up to that point, and I’m also trying to include short stories, though it might be harder to remember them all!

(note: I also publish gripping sci-fi romance novels under ruby ​​lionsdrake; those books are exclusive to amazon and can be found there.)

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science fiction

fallen empire

remnants: a short story that takes place 2 or 3 years before star nomad. is the adventure where alisa and mica meet for the first time, and is currently only available in the anthology you are here sf/f.

Last Command: A novel that takes place 6 months before Star Nomad. It is from the point of view of Leonidas and shows him carrying out his last mission before the fall of the empire. it is currently available as a free bonus for those who subscribe to the fallen empire newsletter.

star nomad: the first book I wrote and where the main adventure begins.

saranth three: a short story that takes place between star nomad and book 2, the flight of honor. it is currently a bonus for newsletter subscribers.

flight of honor — book 2 of the series

meteor shower season: a short story from the point of view of leonidas. It takes place between Book 2 and Book 3. It is currently available through the free Star Rebels anthology. (It’s available from Kobo, Apple, and Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon.)

Star Seers — Book 3

Halloween of Sorrows — Book 4

cleon luna — book 5

arkadian skies — book 6

Dangerous Hunt — Book 7

end game — book 8

Hope Springs: A honeymoon adventure that takes place after Book 8. It is currently available in the anthology Beyond the Stars: New Worlds, New Suns.

The Legacy of the Cyborgs: This is a stand-alone novel that takes place a few years after the main series. brings a new hero, jasim, but leonidas also returns to take on the adventure.

sky full of stars(fallen empire spin-off series)

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The Rogue Prince — Book 1

angle of truth — book 2

Stolen Legacy — Book 3

fractured stars

an indie sci-fi romance set in the same universe as my fallen empire series (a couple of years before the fall).

junkyard: a free novel set before fractured stars

star realm

Launched in 2019, Star Kingdom is my latest science fiction series, a mix between Star Wars and Big Bang Theory where the smart geeky heroes get to save the day.

Shockwave — Book 1

wreck ship – book 2

hero code — book 3

crossfire — book 4

door search — book 5

knight protector (this is a standalone story with new characters who will also appear in book 6 of the main series)

Planet Killer — Book 6

facing home — book 7

layers of strength — book 8

short stories from the realm of stars (a newsletter bonus)

asylum (this novel introduces new heroes and can be read on its own, but also brings in main series characters from the star realms, takes place after force layers)


death before the dragons

Sinister Magic Urban Fantasy Cover

Sinister Magic — Book 1

battle bond — book 2

tangled truths — book 3

the doom of the elves — book 4

false security — book 5

Stormforged — Book 6

secrets of the sword i – book 7

secrets of the sword ii – book 8

secrets of the sword iii – book 9

mist and magic: prequel adventure

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a witch in wolf wood

These contemporary fantasy novels are set in the made-up town of bellrock, washington, and are great for lovers of introverted heroines and sullen werewolf heroes. if you enjoyed the my death series before dragons, these might be a good fit!

book 1: mind over magic

Book 2: Spellhound

book 3: either way

book 4 — moment of the tooth

book 5 — enchanted and dangerous

dragon gate

kingdoms at war — book 1

the art of the hunt — book 2

broken by magic — book 3

chosen by power — book 4

sky on fire — book 5

Orbs of Wisdom — Book 6 (September 2022)

independent romantic fantasy novels

the tangent of the goblins

the princess paradigm

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crown agents

Published in 2018, this series is a mix of high fantasy, mystery, and romance!

eye of truth (book 1)

Blood Ties (Book 2)

obligations (book 3)

elven rage (book 4)

dragon tear (book 5)

rust & relics

Contemporary Urban Fantasy Torrent - Cover

torrent — book 1

destiny not chosen (novel between 1 and 2)

thornfall — book 2

the emperor’s avant-garde books

the edge of the emperor

dark currents (ee2)

deadly games (ee3)

conspiracy (ee4)

blood and betrayal (ee5)

under the surface (a novel but really ee5.5)

forged in blood i (ee6)

forged in blood ii (ee7)

republic (an adventure set shortly after ee7)

diplomats and fugitives (a new ee story centered on basilard)

shadows on innocence (a free sicarius backstory)

ice cracker ii (and other stories)

the assassin’s curse (short story)

gifts of the day of the solstice (short story)

Tales can be read at any time, except for “Gifts of Solstice Day”, which takes place between Bloodforged II and Republic. i wrote the three adventures in the ice cracker ii collection after the emperor’s edge and before dark currents, and originally had them set 9-12 months after the adventures in the first novel, but the plot of the series developed more quickly than I originally imagined. , so some of the dates are a bit… weird (yes, that’s the official vocabulary word).

I wrote the assassin’s curse just before I started work on the fourth book and decided that it takes place in the summer, between the events of book 2 and book 3.


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encrypted is a story of adventure, suspense and love set in the same world as the emperor’s edge stories. all the main characters are different, although a certain assassin plays a role in the later half of the book. Chronologically, this story takes place about eighteen years before the Emperor’s Edge, so you could read it first if you wanted, but it shouldn’t matter.

enigma (a short story that takes place between encryption and decryption)

The sequel to Encrypted, Decrypted is now available.

I have also created a box that includes all these stories, you were forgotten.

chains of honor


a new series set in the world of the emperor’s edge.

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You might want to start with the Chains of Honor prequels, three novels that were originally published as Swords & salt series.

warrior mage (book 1)

serpent heart (book 2)

assassin’s bond (book 3)

big boss (book 4)

the flash gold chronicles

gold flash





These are steampunk novels in a series featuring a precocious young machinist named Kali, and her bounty hunter business partner, Cedar. The stories are set in the Yukon during the gold rush era. flash gold is first with hunted, peacemaker, claimed and freedom a few months later.

dragon blood (a steampunk/fantasy/adventure series)

balanced on the edge of the blade (book 1)

kill maker (book 2)

blood charge (book 3)

patterns in the dark (book 4)

the memory of the leaf (book 5)

under the blades of ice (novel and book 5.5)

raptor (book 6)

soul blade (book 7)

shattered past (a stand-alone novel set after book 7)

oaths (book 8)

Dragon Rider: A prequel novel set over a thousand years before Blade’s Edge. is currently available in the starter box.

inheritance of power

A spin-off of my blood of the dragon series, these five books take place a few years after the original series and feature new characters (but jaxi, sardelle, ridge, etc. also end up in the novels).


Storm of Dragons (Book 1)

revelations (book 2)

origins (book 3)

unveiled (book 4)

golden dragon (book 5)

the adventures of the goblin brothers

These are short fantasy stories starring a pair of geek goblin heroes. they are appropriate for children (although many adults have enjoyed them too!). some of the stories were originally published on, and you can still read them there for free. (The $0.99 collection has a couple of extra stories.)

non-fantasy novels


a contemporary story of mystery and love set in the Pacific Northwest.

pseudonym science fiction romance novels

if you’re looking for some stories with humor, adventure, and more punch than most of my work, you can look to ruby ​​lionsdrake, my pseudonym. “she” has several novels now, mostly sci-fi romance.

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