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Lỗi kernel is not seandroid enforcing

Bạn đang quan tâm đến Lỗi kernel is not seandroid enforcing phải không? Nào hãy cùng PHE BINH VAN HOC theo dõi bài viết này ngay sau đây nhé!

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Rooting gone wrong and got “kernel is not seandroid enforcing” error on your Samsung devices? Relax.

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi kernel is not seandroid enforcing

Difficult and complicated as this issue is, there are efficient methods. Therefore, in this article, we will give you the best tips on how to fix “kernel is not seandroid enforcing” error on your Samsung devices.


Part 1. What Is ‘Kernel is not seandroid enforcing’ Error?Part 2. Quick Fix for ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcing’ in Just One ClickPart 3. Fix ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcing’ by Factory Reset via Recovery ModePart 4. Flash A Stock ROM via Odin to Fix Kernel Issue on Samsung DevicesPart 5. Summary

Part 1. What Is ‘Kernel is not seandroid enforcing’ Error?

This error message ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcing usually appears when you have installed a wrong custom ROM during the rooting process, but it is not the kernel is not android enforcing. It could also be an incompatible file with the current firmware.

This issue is similar to boot loop except that the device is stuck at the Samsung logo or any other Android phone stuck on black screen with the error “Kernel is not Seandroid Enforcing” is displayed.


Part 2. Quick Fix for ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcing’ in Just One Click

If this is your first time rooting an Android, you might be overwhelmed with this error “kernel is not seandroid enforcing” but don’t fret, this problem can be resolved in just one click by only using an effective and professional software called phebinhvanhoc.com.vn Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction.

You are aware that upon rooting the Android device, it might be very prone to data loss unless you have taken backups prior to the process. However, most of the time we are confident that nothing will mess up and customize the ROM will be easy. In case you already got ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcingerror then follow the steps on how to resolve this problem right away.

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The tool phebinhvanhoc.com.vn Broken Android Data Extraction only supports some Samsung models. Please check whether your device is in the model list.

Step 1. Open furnituremaisak.com Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction and Plug in the Android phone

On your computer, download and install the program phebinhvanhoc.com.vn Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction. After successful installation, launch the program and choose Broken Android Data Extraction on the main menu.

Connect the Android phone using a USB cable and wait until the program has detected the connection.


Step 2. Select the type which matches your situation

On your screen will be displayed the corresponding issues your Android phone is experiencing. For example, the black screen. At this time, you can choose to restore the Android system by clicking on the ‘Start’ button for analysis.

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Step 3. Enter Required Details

You will be asked to enter the required information from the Android device such as the make and model in order to let the program download the correct firmware package.

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Step 4. Entering Download Mode

The program will then let you enter into Download Mode to flash the firmware on the given Android device. To do this process, follow below:

Power off the Android devicePress and hold Volume Down, Home and Power buttonsPress the Volume Up button to enter download mode

The program phebinhvanhoc.com.vn Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction will now analyze and extract the correct firmware package on the Android device.


Step 5. Scan, Preview and Recover all Files

phebinhvanhoc.com.vn Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction will then scan all the files inside the device for recovery. When the scanning stops, you can now preview all the files on the screen to confirm the details.From here, you can perform selective recovery by marking only those files you need and click on the ‘Recover’ button at the end of the program screen. This will ask you to create a destination folder on the computer

After the entire analyzing, scanning and extracting, the program will now show you the categories of recovered files. From here you are now able to choose important data stored in the internal memory of the broken Samsung phone.

If you notice on the left window, you will see all the categories found on the device. You can have the option to selectively choose only those you needed. Click “Recover” at the bottom of the screen. It will be saved on your computer where it will be easier for you to copy on the new phone anytime soon.


The problem ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcing is now fixed! No other complicated methods to perform only one program will take care of all the troubleshooting for you.

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Part 3. Fix ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcing’ by Factory Reset via Recovery Mode

Another possible way to fix ‘kernel is not seandroid enforcing is to perform a factory reset on recovery mode. If you don’t want to use any programs to fix the problem then you can perform a DIY tutorial on how to resolve the issue. Follow the given steps below on how to do a factory reset on recovery mode.

Step 1. Turn off the Android deviceStep 2. Press the buttons: Volume Up+ Home+ Power to enter into recovery modeStep 3. When inside the recovery mode, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset. If you are under TWRP custom recovery, tap Wipe and then swipe to Factory Reset


Many Android users though have reported that once they get the error ’kernel is not seandroid enforcing’ they are unable to enter into recovery mode. And you need to know the Android kernel is not seandroid enforcing If you are one of them then consider the next part.

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Part 4. Flash A Stock ROM via Odin to Fix Kernel Issue on Samsung Devices

Odin is actually a firmware flashing software being used by Samsung that is able to fix many system issues. However, this process is not for beginners because it will require technical experiences.

If you have basic knowledge and wanted to perform this method, then you may refer to the step by step procedure below:

What you’ll need:

Download Odin3 from smmobile.com and the right stock ROM on your computer, you may search online for other sources according to the model number of your device. Open the ROM file and you will find the file like *.tar.md5.Check if you have USB driver installed on the computer.


If you have these things ready, then refer to the steps below:

Step 1. Enter into Download Mode

Turn off the Samsung devicePress and hold the buttons: Volume Down+ Home +PowerOnce the device vibrates, release the Power button while holding still the other two buttonsOnce you see a warning message on the screen, press the Volume Up to enter the Download mode. You will now see the Android logo


Step 2. Flash the Android

Plug in the Samsung phone to the computer with a USB cable.Launch Odin3 on the computer. Wait for automatic detection. If you see the Added!!! Message on the program screen under the Log tab, then that is the sign that the device has been detected.


If the flashing failed, then you can repeat the process but make sure you will use the different cable and USB port. Restart the computer, update the program, and run Odin as administrator.

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Part 5. Summary

There are many ways to effectively fix ‘kernel seandroid is not enforcing you just need to be careful and must have basic technical skills to perform the manual operations. However, if you don’t want to experience and undergo these manual methods, you can use phebinhvanhoc.com.vn Toolkit- Broken Android Data Extraction software. Apart from the mentioned issue, you may also want to know some backup software for Samsung PC. Please click here to get further information.

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