MapInfo Professional is a powerful mapping tool and is packed with features to help you to see trends and patterns so you can make informed decisions and develop your business.

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The 2014 releases of MapInfo Pro can help you improve the efficiency of your GIS tasks, while creating great-looking maps. Our newest version makes it faster and easier to visualize the results of spatial analysis, giving multiple stakeholders the insight they need to make better business decisions.

Save time, prepare maps and access more data than ever before!Save time with the improved performance for object processing operations as a result of using multiple cores/CPUs.Easily prepare maps for printing with an all new Layout Designer.Access more data with additional data format support.


Simple to use and integrate

MapInfo Professional is extremely flexible and can be easily integrated with your current IT systems. It is also extremely user-friendly so you don’t need to be an IT expert to use it.


Easily accessible data

MapInfo Professional supports a range of data formats including many common PC file formats (such as Microsoft Excel, Access, DBF and CSV files), relational and spatial database formats (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGIS, SQLite and ODBC compliant databases), and spatial data formats ( AutoCAD DXF/DWG, SHP, DGN and more).

You can also use imagery (aerial images, satellite images, scanned paper maps, etc.) of almost any format in your maps. And MapInfo Professional includes access to Microsoft Bing aerial and hybrid maps as standard.


Superb data creation and editing functions

With MapInfo Professional you can access a vast selection of CAD data creation and editing tools as well as edit tabular data like values and names.

MapInfo Professional allows you to make changes to all your maps and data in a single application, saving you time and effort.


Flexible map display and visualisation options

MapInfo Professional’s simple-to-use map display wizards and detailed customisation options allow users of all skill levels to create great looking maps quickly. Load image data sets as background mapping and overlay your point, line and polygon data to visualise your data in the way you want. Change the style and appearance of any data set using our powerful analytical processes and display customisation techniques.

You can also aggregate values using statistical or any math functions to associate a symbol or colour to a point or a region based on a calculated value. For example, view your sales territories according to the number of customers in each area.

Share your results

MapInfo Pro makes communicating your results easy, thanks to its wide range of data sharing and publishing options.Print or publish maps of any size with legends and charts through simple-to-use wizards so you can share your results with everyone you need to. For sharing data you can save or export it to many commonly used formats.

MapInfo Professional v12.0 makes it easier than ever to create great looking maps. With new cartographic output features such as enhanced automatic labelling options, new scalebar enhancements, and greater flexibility over legend and layout objects, making maps that stand out has never been so easy.

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Cartographic output

MapInfo Professional v12.0 provides greater control over the appearance of scalebars allowing transparent backgrounds and borders, giving more space for map display. Enhancements to the Legend Designer introduced in v11.5 provide control over the order of objects within a frame, automatic word wrapping for long text and resizing of style swatches for individual layers. Objects within the layout window can now be quickly aligned.



MapInfo Professional v12.0 delivers substantial improvements to the creation and placement of labels, reducing the need to create custom labels. New smart algorithms allow users to place more curved labels on a map automatically. Options are also provided to fall back to rotated labels where lines are too jagged or curved labels will not fit. Curved labels can now be moved by clicking and dragging them to a new location.

Ease of use

MapInfo Professional v12.0 continues to be the world’s most powerful easy to use GIS. New tools such as Compare Table Structure which allows users to compare and edit data in multiple tables simultaneously, the new PolyBuilder tool for automatically creating polygons from digitized linework and the new Quick Translator tool for getting non-native data in and out of MapInfo Professional, mean complex operations are made straightforward, saving valuable time.

Technology updates

With support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, MapInfo Professional v12.0 allows organisations to make use of the latest hardware and software available. Users are now also able to read, write and create SQLite databases allowing seamless interoperability with the range of Autodesk products. The inclusion of the new Quick Translator makes getting data in and out of MapInfo Professional easier than ever. MapInfo Professional v12 also adds support for PostGIS 2.0, adds improved support for SQL Server Geography type and support for WFS v1.1.

In product notifications

MapInfo Professional v12.0 allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest MapInfo news and events through the inclusion of an in-product notification system. The new reader inside MapInfo Professional will automatically check for and retrieve notifications of important information such as patch releases and updates, thought leadership articles and license expiry notifications.

Supported Operating Systems:



XY – i.e. Databases that store point data as X & Y numeric columns:

Microsoft Access 2007, 2010Microsoft Office 2013Microsoft SQL Server 2005Spatial – Databases that store map data as objects including: points lines and regionsMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 with SpatialWare 4.9Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (also called SQL Server Spatial)Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (also called SQL Server Spatial)Oracle Spatial 11Gr2, 10Gr2PostgreSQL 9.0.3 with PostGIS 1.5PostgreSQL 9x with PostGIS 2.0xFDO 3.8Database Connectivity:

ODBC Drivers

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 native Client v10Oracle ODBC Driver 11.2PostgreSQL ANSI ODBC driver 9.01.02

Oracle OCI Client

Oracle Instant Client v11.

FDO Toolkit

EnglishFrenchGermanItalianSpanishDanishFinnishJapaneseSimplified ChineseSwedishDutchCzechHebrewKoreanPolishBrazilian PortugueseRussianTurkishThe MapBasic development environment is a freely downloadable programming language for MapInfo Professional. It can be used for any sort of customisation from simply hiding or rearranging a few menus to creating comprehensive mapping applications. Knowledge of programming is helpful but if you are new to programming, MapBasic provides extensive on-line help, documentation and sample applications.


Easy to learn and use

MapBasic comes with a simple development environment and includes a detailed help system. In addition a comprehensive MapBasic User’s Guide and Reference Manual are also included. A range of sample applications, from simple demonstration examples and code snippets to complex applications are also provided.


A range of applications

MapBasic can be used for automating repetitive tasks, adding new capabilities to MapInfo Professional or even creating specific mapping solutions for a particular use or industry. An example of adding a new capability to MapInfo Professional is the Distance Calculator tool, pictured here. The Distance Calculator is one of the many tools in MapInfo Professional’s Tool Manager.


Source code from the experts

Encom Discover boosts the data handling capabilities of MapInfo Professional, adding support for over one hundred additional industry-standard formats. These include advanced functionality such as image rectification and re-projection, batch ECW import, vector import and conversion (such as the GPS eXchange and Google Earth formats) and database connectivity (e.g. DataShed and AcQuire).


User-generated tools

MapBasic allows the development of software in popular programming languages such as C, C and Visual Basic to help automate repetitive operations in MapInfo Professional. Hundreds of third party applications have been created using this flexible development environment, many of which are offered to the MapInfo Community for free.

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Are you a professional developer?

MapInfo MapBasic is specifically for customising MapInfo Professional. For professional developers we offer a range of developer tools for different environments and deployment models. Pictured (left/right) is MapInfo MapXtreme, a 100% .NET development kit for desktop or web based applications. We also offer a modular platform for enterprise grade applications consisting of Location Intelligence, Routing, Geocoding, Address Management and other modules.

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